Because of all this woke bullshit, we are no longer allowed to use the word “Mozambique” for our favorite shooting drill (two shots in center-mass, one in the head) because raayyycisss.

As always, the solution can be found in the Old Country.  At the suggestion of Mr. Free Market, allow me to present the new drill, the Rittenhouse:

Two in the skateboard, one in the elbow.

Of course, the silhouette is white on a night-black background so we don’t get accused of Black genocide or some such, and most of the Pantifa Skateboard Set are White anyway.

Apologies for the poor artwork, but I only had a couple minutes to do it in MS Paint.


  1. As Colonel Cooper once wrote, the appropriate timing for this is “Fast-fast. . . Slow.”
    Two fast shots, a moment to assess result, then deliberate aim.

  2. Kyle put one criminal down in 3/4 of second with four shots, three fatal. Nice shooting it I must say.

    1. All told he fired eight rounds and hit his target with six. That is an unheard of result in a combat shooting situation.

  3. Love it!!!

    I’ve heard several people suggest we erect statues to Kyle Rittenhouse. I think that would be great. Folks said that the statue would get vandalized but I have to wonder if that would become akin to hunting over bait. Discuss


  4. Maybe instead of statues, we start naming financial institutions after Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandman. It will take a lifetime to sue everyone who’s earned a financial beat-down because of how they’ve treated these two gentlemen, and there may be a few more members of this exclusive club as time goes by, but there are going to be some mega-millionaires as a result of leftist stupidity. Time to seek out the absolute best anti-defamation lawyers and forensic accountants and go after everyone for every penny.

    And remember to add that idiot football loser, Colin Kaepernick, to the list of defendants. You’d think he’d have learned to keep his mouth shut by now.

  5. Waitaminute…who exactly objected to the term “Mozambique drill”, and why weren’t they invited to eff off forthwith?

    1. And what exactly is the objection to the term? It was invented there, as so few things have ever been, and it gives proper recognition where it is due. Hamburger? New York Steak? A New York Minute? This was bad precedent, and it will always be bad precedent.
      Maybe a sales technique could be a “Reverend Jackson”, and a fact-free TV commentary could be a Don Lemon, or an AOC.

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