My Choice

Of all the cool stuff at Gunny’s upcoming auctions, I’d choose the Winchester 62 .22 pump rifle, because I lost my Taurus copy thereof in the Great Gun Theft Of 2021:

…although the old 63 semi-auto still has a special place in my heart, being as it’s the gun I learned to shoot rifles with, and it spoiled me forever:

I wish I’d never sold mine…


  1. The last time I was at Kesselring’s, Donnie had 8 or 10 of the #62s from his collection in the sales rack. Prices varied from $6G to $20G+. I had plenty of lust but not enough coins.

    1. Holy crap. I have a similar Winchester in .22 short with octagonal barrel and takedown down in my safe that I got from my maternal grandmother. I cannot believe that it’s worth more than a couple of hundred.

  2. Oh, we get one choice and you get two 🙂 I see how it is.

    I too like the little pump but the 241 has some significance to me.

    The pump reminds me of an arcade where I learned people can cheat. Shot out the star but the guy had some black on his finger and he said I left some of the star. He really did not want to part with the Nylon 22 they had as the top prize.

    Which reminds me I need some range time.

    Have a great day.

  3. There are some Model 63s on Gunbroker as we speak. And the prices look okay as well. I have an 1890 Winchester in .22 WRF which I must get out to shoot.

  4. I have a Ruger 10/22 stainless that is a tack driver with the scope that is on it. My 22LR of choice is my grandfather’s Ted Williams magazine fed bolt action with a peep sight. It was manufactured by Winchester and sold by Sears. I had the barrel re-sleeved back in the early 90’s because it was starting to get pitted in the bore. It was very accurate back when I was a teenager and I restored that accuracy.

  5. I know I will probably catch hell for this, but I looked at the offerings on the auction site and clicked on each of the pictures of the firearm. I also clicked on the “embiggen” for each photo to look more closely at the gun. I was surprised and amazed at the general condition of each. I saw dirty, uncleaned and rusted guns. I was surprised that Gunny would let his guns get into such shape. I always admired the man and greatly enjoyed his TV appearances. Especially enjoyed him on Youtube with Kristen Joy Weiss He was a truly good and entertaining person and the country certainly needs more like him. But the guns!

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