1. A babe with a great voice. She and Matthew Sweet have two albums of covers (“Under the Covers”) that are mostly spot on — and her voice is still as sweet as back then.

  2. Ah, yes…..Susanna Hoffs. While I am sure she is a flaming liberal (as are virtually ALL of entertainers residing in California), she is one of the women who just get better with age. She is my age (62) and oh my she is hotter than ever. That whole package is exceptional.

  3. It’s nice that she has a signature guitar. Makes me wonder if she has a signature squat rack, too. And the neck! Oh, my. The missus tells me that I am only attracted to women who look like they might kick my ass (plus Gal Gadot), but there are limits. I’ll restrict my impure thoughts to the 80’s Hofs.

  4. We were so smitten with her BITD that we went to see a movie she starred in, “The All Nighter”.

    That was 2 hours of my life gone forever.

  5. While Susanna seemed to get all of the attention, I wouldn’t have turned down an opportunity with any member of that band.

  6. Is the fact that we all find older women attractive a sign that we are wiser with age or that we need better glasses.

  7. The top half looks amazing but she looks like a kick-boxer on the lower half…just sayin.

    1. You have a problem with women who can crack walnuts between their knees? Just askin’.

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