News Roundup

Along with thum pithy commentary, ath alwayth.

too bad she can’t run for our presidency.

yeah, all those Comanche hospitals we burned, those Kiowa highways we destroyed, and let’s not even talk about the Cheyenne motor industryor this Apache theater:

I guess I missed the memo where a foreign government figurehead gets to tell people how to spend their own money.

a.k.a. the “we break it, you fix it” management style.

a.k.a the “we’ll cause your prices to rise, but you have to lower them anyway” school of economics.

to the hearty relief of airline passengers everywhere,  What a goat rodeo that was.

I think this “creative shaming” needs a little acknowledgment, not censure.  As my homies say, “Bitch had it comin’.”

I guess his (terminal) blood cancer had nothing to do with it.

in other words, “Wah wah wah I didn’t get invited even though I’m a homo and should therefore have been at the head of the line.”



And once again, we solve the eternal puzzle of why men play professional football:



  1. I’m just laughing at Takei… “Boldly going where others have gone before” …except, apparently, for you, George.

    1. He’s probably just disgruntled because Shatner’s ass was in a rocket that is shaped like something he’d like to have in his ass.

  2. Not even Kate cares about what Prince Billy has to say.

    The Creepy Joe shit show of an administration is using Barry Soteoro’s playbook of blame others for their own incompetence and arrogance.

    Where’s Adele’s pictures?

    Who is the blonde in the last picture?

    Who cares what Kackle-A Harris has to say? The only thing useful to come out of her mouth is Willie Brown’s dangler.


  3. Somebody explain to the nitwit Prince that we would LOVE to solve most of Earth’s problems first, but every time somebody rationally suggests that the way to start is to shoot all the Progressive/Socialist parasites, all of you drones clutch your pearls in horror.

      1. More time consuming, more bottlenecks (LOTS more guns than helicopters), more paperwork….

        We could wall them all up in some handy location (Wonderland on the Potomac is tempting, but there are too many things we’d like to save there), and let them work it out by Kilkenny Cats method, then shoot the one remaining cannibal.

  4. It’s funnynotfunny how someone like Marine LePen is always described as “right-wing”, but wretched vermin like Jeremy Corbyn are never labeled “left-wing”. (Although I DO get some small satisfaction when my phone puts the Red Squiggle of Shame under his name.)

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