1. Yeah, the perp was an idiot, but then so was the judge who let him out on reduced bail, knowing he is a risk to the community. (Well ‘was’ a risk.)

  2. On the plus side, if the judge had increased his bail, he might still be using up valuable oxygen.

  3. good! Now put his corpse on public display with a sign around his neck stating what he did to earn his fate


  4. ‘Sorry, this content is not available in your region.’

    Oh well. From the URL I take it some idiot tried breaking in a second time and found the owner prepared.

    1. Yeah. His father owned the house & sold it, and he broke in, and when he was arrested, he said he was coming back. Stupid judge let him out on low bail, and he went back the next day and the homeowners were ready and shot him DRT.

    1. Not likely, I’m sure they said the magic words to the investigating authorities:
      “I was in fear for my life, and the lives of others!”
      And, it is Calaveras County – not SF or LA.

      1. But that belief has to be “reasonable”, which means that two lawyers and a judge will look at it in excruciating detail over the next three years, in more dimensions than physicists have theorized exist.

    2. The article says the owners were not cited or arrested, although there’s an investigation going on.

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