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I know, I know… Smith & Wesson has decided to leave Massachusetts because the MassGov hates them, wants to tax them out of business, and wants to make it illegal for them to manufacture products (AR-15s) which account for 60% of S&W’s sales.

So unsurprisingly, S&W said, “Fuck you” and are planning to move to…


I mean, I have nothing but love for the Davy Crockett state, but what are we Texans?  Chopped liver?  S&W didn’t even consider Texas for relocation, and surely we could compete with Tennessee in the “nice places to do business” competition.

All that said, the Maryville area is a pretty area.  I’ve been there several times to call on a former client (hi, Pat!) and it’s only a stone’s throw from the Smoky Mountains.

Of course, the announcement could have been wrong, in that S&W are planning to move to Marysville TX, which is a little unincorporated area just south of the Oklahoma/Texas border;  but then again:

…probably not.

I still think we should have been given a chance, though.


  1. It came as a great shock to most residents here in Mass when they heard this news ( at least to those that don’t live in Springfield ) that guns were made in Massachusetts They had no idea. Just like the time the city of Cambridge banned Nuclear Reactors ( except, of course, for the ones at MIT and Harvard — The only ones actually in Cambridge ).

    To busy worrying about how many genders there are, to pay attention to actual History

  2. I live in Mass and used to work for S&W. They always paid well and had excellent benefits. While I prefer other firearm brands myself, the point is that this is a company that employs many thousands of people, and is a large taxpayer for the state to rely on.

    Your typical liberals always kept filing and advocating for very anti gun and anti rights bills. Much like anyone who says they are going to do something, you have to accept that one day they will carry that through. It was only a matter of time before these politicians screwed the company and stopped them from making lawful products.

    Massachusetts violates the 2nd amendment rights of its citizens every chance it gets.

    Even sadder than the liberals are the RINO’s in this state. They vote along with the liberals on many of these stupid bills.

    Also there are many fudds in mass. Idiots who own guns here and many supported the bump stock ban. Even a few supported the AR15 ban. And these same fudds kept voting in rinos in the smaller areas of mass because oh republicans must be good. But the rinos went along with this bullshit too. Our Governor is a Republican in name only. Rino.

    How much sense does it make with regards to Massachusetts law when you can legally get a machine gun permit and own a machine gun if you have the money however you can not purchase a new AR15 from a dealer. (You can at this time purchase private sale or pre ban. For now…)

    Springfield Mass will become even more of a Shit hole than it already is once smith leaves.

    Good news for Tennessee!

  3. There are a great many things that come as shocks to residents here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Paying attention is not their strong suit.

    My favorite on the list is Yankee Hill Machine, an AR15 and suppressor manufacturer who until recently plied their craft apparently unbeknown to the locals in Northampton (Cambridge West, or Moscow on the Connecticut). The average resident would have soiled themselves to learn such terrible things were happening in their happy town. YHM has since moved into a much bigger facility in a neighboring town, but knowing where they started still makes me laugh.

    1. Yankee Hill makes those much hated by liberals and many rinos and fudds evil rifle parts. They, Yankee hill, moved from Northampton to Easthampton. However if that bill ever becomes of law of can’t manufActure what you can’t own in mass – guess what? They might end up having to move. It’s really messed up. Check out the mayor of Easthampton mass. She looks just how you would expect a nuts liberal to look. She as part of Corona restrictions said you have to wear a mask outside on the bike path. Yea. It’s that crazy.

  4. “and are planning to move to… …Tennessee?”


    “I mean, I have nothing but love for the Davy Crockett state, but what are we Texans? Chopped liver? S&W didn’t even consider Texas for relocation, and surely we could compete with Tennessee in the “nice places to do business” competition.”

    We can’t let Texas have all the good stuff. Besides, a couple of good Texans were Tennesseeans first — the aforementioned Davy Crockett, and ol’ Sam Houston hisself (the only man to be governor of 2 states [TN and TX] and head of a sovereign nation [the Republic of Texas], even though he was a Democrat ). And Tennesseean James K. Polk (another Democrat?! really?!) became President on the promise of adding Texas to the union.

    In other words, Texas wouldn’t be what it is without Tennessee.

    1. Neither Houston nor Polk could be elected as Republicans, nowadays.

      More’s the pity.

    2. All good points.

      By the way, neither Houston nor Polk could be elected as Republicans nowadays.

      More’s the pity.

      1. I don’t disagree. I haven’t studied either of them enough to know what their platforms included, but given how far left the GOP has slid just since the time of Ronaldus Magnus, you’re almost certainly right.

  5. Savage Arms is in Westfield Mass about 30 min from Springfield. I wonder if they will ever move out of Mass?

    Savage makes hella nice rifles.

    Mass had great manufacturing. Due to stupid ass politicians and crazy high taxes mass is losing companies and jobs.

    In CT a neighbor to Mass. there is colt and mossberg. Though I hear some mossberg stuff is built in Texas.
    CT is very anti rights as well just like Mass.

    Sad to see the birthplace of American Freedom is now the host of the birth of anti freedom.

  6. I live ~ 10-12 miles from the new S & W site.

    We’re all excited to have it as a part of the community.

    TN is also the home place of Barrett Manufacturing, which makes some fine rifles.

    I wish we could land Sigarms from NH and Springfield Armory from Illinois (regrettably the state of my birth).

    But we here in TN love Texas and its Govo.

    At least y’all have a fine Governor-we certainly don’t.

    We also love the Sunshine State and its great Governor.

  7. New England is driving out firearm manufacturers and other industries. The Connecticut River Valley used to be called the Arsenal of Democracy. It’s particularly alarming that the Cradle of Liberty is driving out the industries that made our independence possible. Pratt & Whitney has moved lots of its work out of state. I’m wondering when Sikorsky will move.

    PTR used to be in New Britain and have moved on to greener fields. Remington has been sold off and will probably move production out of Ilion, NY. Marlin was home in New Haven area, CT since its founding is now owned by Ruger who makes most of their firearms in Arizona or someplace else. Winchester moved out over a decade ago.

    As far as I can tell the only major manufacturers left in MA are Savage in Westfield and Kahr in Worcester.


  8. “… surely we could compete with Tennessee in the “nice places to do business” competition.”

    East Tency, the would-be State of Franklin, like Mass, offers weather. Texas, apparently, has only Conditions.

  9. I grew up just southeast of Maryville, back on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest. The folks back home are absolutely tickled about the S&W move.

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