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News that can be trusted, because it comes from TV, the newspapers and the Internet.

and to think that we men used to get into trouble for referring to women as “life support systems for pussy”.

key word:  France.  And ladies, if you and the Mister are in financial difficulties, watch out what he gives you to drink, or at least hide the videocam.

there go the Republicans, under-achieving as always. I can think of at least seven, without even working at it.

from both sides of the blockage.

but the national origins of said criminal clans?  A complete mystery.

they owed him one after turning down the gun-hater to head up the ATF.

,,,being too busy forming their own.

fixed it for them, the woke journo bastards.

vive la France.

why am I not surprised by this?  Best part is all those diet-conscious people who believed in the Diet Coke/Pepsi bullshit and felt virtuous about their choice are probably feeling like proper idiots right now.

and in Comments, your suggestions for our new country’s name.


I think we all know at least one woman like this.

in Georgia, this news item would appear in the “Upcoming Weddings” section of the paper.

tough broads, those Scottish totties.

and when you see the pic, you’ll see why she had no difficulty at all.

Finally, here’s someone in the news:


Okay, Charlotte Hawkins is actually a newsreader on Brit TV, so technically I’m correct…


  1. I say rather than letting the wokesters choose their pronouns, we just take them away.

    Demi Lavato is no longer sure Demi Lavato wants children – admitting life without kids is ‘pretty nice’ – as Demi Lavato comes out about being non- binary.

    It would become so tedious talking about wokesters/celebrities that maybe people would stop.

    Weetabix’s kids used to play a car game where Weetabix’s kids eschewed pronouns. The car game also became tedious after a while. But Weetabix saluted Weetabix’s kids for Weetabix’s kids’ creativity and tenacity.

  2. Kurt Schlichter has already addressed that issue:

    The states which embrace the US Constitution will retain the original “United States of America”, while the states which reject liberty and freedom combined with personal responsibility in favor of collectivism, statism, and authoritarianism will be named “The People’s Republic of America”.

    If you haven’t read the first book (“People’s Republic”) I suggest that you might enjoy it.

  3. While I can’t fault Blackwing’s reasoning, I still believe we should recycle an earlier country name: The Republic of Texas.

    Not that I’m biased or anything.

    1. I’ve started writing a story set in an alternate universe where Texas never joins the United States. Current events have been a big part of getting me started on this.

      I’ve been posting snippets on The Gun Counter in the Culture Junkies forum. Those of you who are regulars there may have already seen them.

  4. I’m surprised the frogs would dismantle houses of terrorism.

    The escort looks like a dude. Tattoo on the face? ugh.

    anyone blocking a roadway to protest anything should just let traffic go. Squish enough and the moonbats will drop the tactic


  5. We keep the name “United States of America” and we kill or drive out the leftists. Don’t cede a single square inch of American soil to socialists. They’ll only use it as a foothold to continue undermining our civilization–they’re never satisfied with any concessions, history shows us that. Eradicate them, root and branch.

  6. I believe that, if a Constitutional Convention was convened with the intention of dissolving the Union, what would occur would be that the federal government would be nullified, with all power reverting to the individual states, each of which would become a sovereign nation. From there it would be up to those states to decide whether to form other unions – – likely the tiny states like Rhode Island and Delaware would join such unions to prevent invasion by larger states, while the biggest states (CA, NY, TX, AK) would likely opt to remain independent and retain their own power rather than be forced to compromise with other states.

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