1. A friend of my father’s made it out of Germany just in time. He was a Ukrainian who would talk about the pogroms and how when he finally made it into Germany he would say: “This an advanced country; it can’t happen here.” He finally made it to the U.S. in ’39.

  2. wow, how far has Oz fallen. Oz Reich is an accurate description.

    In a comment on the link you posted, someone commented with this video which is worth watching


    I think the quote from a policeman in that video sums it up well, he agrees with the protestors but he’s paid to suppress them. I’m sure there are far more like him in uniform. When will Oz go full Tienamin Square and bring out the tanks looking for parking spots on the citizenry?


  3. Last time I was in OZ was in the late 80’s and we had an amazing time. It reminded me of the U.S. back in the 50’s where you could do anything (doing stupid, risky, stuff) as long as it wasn’t hurting someone else. Nobody cared as long as you were having fun. The people were free and easy with a great sense of humor. What is happening now is horrible and a really ugly thing to watch a great country die, but of course, nothing like watching my own country succumb to the same horseshit.

    Anybody ever watched the movie, “On the Beach”? We aren’t dying from the aftermath of a nuclear war but it feels the same being forced to take the, “pill”.

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