Quote Of The Day

From Insty’s post on the Swamp’s “insurrection” fable:

“The narrative being fed to us is that the FBI had an insider of a far-right group feeding information to the FBI, but given the repeated lies fed to us by the FBI and federal officials it seems more likely the FBI had people undercover inciting a protest group to riot.”

Just like, for example, the Feds’ creation of a crisis when their agents pretty much compelled Randy Weaver to manufacture an illegal firearm, then besieged his cabin at Ruby Ridge.

That was local, the other more global, but the essential methodologies are identical.

Don’t even ask me to go there.


  1. Will anyone take a bet on the informer’s information actually informing President Trump?
    As Jimmy said to Waco in Bogart’s Sahara, “Why, that’s a sucker bet.”

    1. I thought Randy Weaver’s whole name was White Separatist Randy Weaver? Have the media/federal law enforcement complex steered me wrong again?!

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