Of Course It Was

As Insty puts it:



Of course, the bank lied when the shit hit the fan and covered them 6″ deep, saying oh noes, they were talking about Flynn’s wife’s cards… like that makes any difference.

Fucking woke scumbags.  The State of Texas should ban government departments from doing business with Chase in Texas, and force them to close their fucking massive office in Plano and move to California.  Or maybe we the citizens should just…

Either way, they lose.  Assholes.

Note to Chase:  doing shit like this does more harm to your so-called “reputation” than anything your cardholders might do.


  1. This is actually one of my biggest concerns. It is essentially an extension of Operation Choke Point where the Obama administration encouraged banks to refuse to do business with gun companies. Now they are banning anyone who doesn’t toe the line such as Alex Jones, Gab, and many others – people and companies who are operating legitimate businesses, but still deemed too “offensive” to do business with.

  2. Why would a senior officer not use USAA or Navy Credit Union? There is something not right here.

    1. As a 10 year Army veteran, I wouldn’t do business with USAA if my life depended on it. When my first wife took me to the cleaners and I was stuck, by court order, with all the credit cards that she had run up USAA was extremely unsympathetic. Then, they jacked up my car insurance because I was single, even though I was still paying for her insurance, as well. I walked away and never looked back.

  3. Canceling Flynn doesn’t harm their reputation with the people they actually care about-their fellow commies in NYC.

  4. Boy, I sure hope – for Chase’s reputational sake – that they never issued a credit card to “Don Pablo” or any of the other Medellin Cartel guys.

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