1. Ah, any ELO song stuck in your head can’t be all bad.

    It may not be “Itchycoo Park”, but then again, what is?

    I’ve had “Hypnotized” by Fleetwood Mac (Prior to Stevie Nicks, and far superior to my mind) stuck in my head all summer.

    Take care, Kim!

    1. “[Fleetwood Mac] Prior to Stevie Nicks, and far superior to my mind”

      Won’t get any argument from me.

  2. Well, that took a turn.
    Among the YouTube suggestions was Eric Bogle live talking some with the audience, then moving into And The Band Played Waltzin’ Matilda, his 1971 anti-war classic.
    Prior to today, my only exposure to And The Band Played Waltzin’ Matilda was Shawn MacGowan and the Pogues with the Dubliners on stage.
    I think either version adequately sums my suspicions about YourBetters — lying thieving murdering psychopaths getting their jollies from the pain they cause.
    But my diagnosis could be slanted by my experience…

  3. Can’t go wrong with ELO. This is one of the bands from my childhood that has grown more significant in my mind as age and understanding grow. The Traveling Wilburys are in a similar category.

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