Not The Same Old

All this might have made a difference to me, were it not for the fact that other than the occasional Victor Davis Hanson piece, I haven’t read anything in National Review   for nearly ten years.

Audio recordings obtained by Wired reveal that Google cooperates with and funds a range of establishment conservatives in D.C. that help it fend off scrutiny and oversight from politicians. The organizations named in Wired’s report are the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), and the Cato Institute.

It looks like conservative mag National Review was taking Google cash too. To suppress conservative speech on social media. Was this something that @NRO donors & contributors knew was taking place?

I had to laugh that the once-amusing and now-hysterical Jonah Goldberg sat in the heart of all this.

But Emerald’s best shot comes near the end:

In any culture war, Rich Lowry and the gang have always been the first to stand athwart history, crying: “We surrender first!” They’ve been so weak and defeatist during the Trump years that a year’s subscription to the magazine could be marketed as an estrogen supplement.

And the proof of our disillusionment with this bunch of pantywaists lies in NatRev‘s  financial statement and vanishing subscriber list.

And an aside:  as usual, I am so far behind the curve that it appears as flat as the horizon, because I’d never heard of Emerald Robinson before the above link from Insty (thankee, Squire).  Here she is:

…and here’s something she did.


  1. Trump did more to advance the conservative agenda than the Nevertrumper conservatives did in the past 40 years. She was just the only one willing to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

    BTW, Google owned Youtube has been doing this for years. They ban and demonetize right wingers while propping up Ben Shapiro so that they can say they aren’t targeting conservatives.

    1. Ravenwood,
      You’re absolutely right about the Never Trumpers. I was once in that camp and I was very pleasantly surprised at the policies he implemented and the nominations he made to the courts and office. The more I saw him perform and his tweets, the more I liked his tweets calling out the liars, scumbags etc.


  2. “…a year’s subscription to the magazine could be marketed as an estrogen supplement.”
    LOL That’s a good one. I’m going to use that.

  3. Didn’t know about Google using “conservative” orgs to basically help suppress conservative speech. But I’m not surprised.

    As for NR. I used to be a subscriber of the mag. In the last 10 years I think other than VDH I cant even tell you who writes for it anymore.

    Both the NR and WS had sort of the east coast distain for the beer drinking, dirty fingernail, supporters of the conservative movement. When WFB ran it, it was done with sort of a tongue-in-cheek humor, that made you laugh at yourself.

    All of that got abandoned when Trump got elected. There was plenty to dislike about him, but he represented someone who finally, at least spoke like some coal miner job was important. For a fact he pulled the regulatory agencies off the backs of the people who actually worked for a living.

    As for Kristol, Goldberg, et. al (and I include Wayne LaPierre in this list). You did not fool anyone, we unwashed already knew you are far more interested in getting invited to the right cocktail parties in DC, than being associated with us klunks out here.

    As a postscript: My God, the hotness of Mrs Robinson is hard to measure.

  4. Kim, I have been watching Emerald for a couple of yrs now. First at OAN an now at Newsmax. They have her on for a DC update early in the morning. Her good looks and smart analysis makes my day. If only there were 100 more like this one tough broad !!!!

  5. My favorite Emerald Robinson witticism (aimed at televisionprogramming talk-heads, but could be applied to the swamp (including ‘downtown’ [mandatory raised mid finger] Eugene, Oregon)):
    “…they are in willful denial of their own unpopularity…”

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