Quote Of The Day

The Trump presidency, encapsulated:

“The economy was humming, and even after the elite’s Chi Com comrades inflicted the pangolin pandemic on us, we were coming back. We were energy independent. The border was getting secure. Taxes got cut. Soleimani was a cinder and ISIS was a skid mark. We had no new wars, and the one in Afghanistan was set to end without a live production of Miss Saigon II: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Airbases.”– Kurt Schlicter

Also:  there were no concentration camps filled with homosexuals and trannies, no right-wing death squads kicking down leftists’ doors, no bans on abortion and in general, none of the doubleplusungood things that the media socialists warned us would be the consequences of a Trump presidency.


    1. I grew to like his mean tweets. They were what pretty much any conservative was thinking. The statist have had it far too easy. They don’t get criticized enough by the media, academia, hollyweird or even Republicans. Trump for once didn’t take it on the chin as previous Republicans had. Trump finally flung the hubris back at the statists.

      As someone said on the internet, I miss the days of $2.25/gallon gas, some mean tweets and good cup of coffee. Under Pedo Joe, the cost of everything is going up and we don’t have mean tweets anymore. This is not an improvement under Pedo Joe.


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