News Roundup

Highlighting all the asinine, stupid and pointless news.  And on the non-Biden front:

RCOB Department:

or, “Guy who tested Covid-negative before allowed to fly still has to be quarantined lest he infect his dying father.”  Kill them all, now.

And in other WuFlu news:

okay, then.  CVS, here I come.

torn between woke banks and income stream from sluts. Ouch.

where would we be without Science?

exchanging cabbage for cunnilingus, for the win.

are they allowed to vote while handcuffed?  Asking for a friend.

now there’s a minority group, especially in California.

as Sweden enters the “Stupidest Nation On The Planet” competition with a bang.

I had no idea that so many “progressives” were of Swedish origin.

considering that ol’ Ron had access to willing and available poontang pretty much 24/7 for well over thirty years, you have to ask yourself why his accusers were anywhere near him, if not for sex. Sounds kinda bogus.

And now for Biden News:

Biden:  hold my beer.

which comes to just over 8,000 jobs added per month.  Trump’s pre-Covid stats were running at about 40,000 – 50,000 per month, by comparison.

Vice President Harris cancels plans to campaign for California Gov. Newsom
OMG is Newsom that fucked?



Wales, again:

so are all languages, actually, but hey.

And speaking of the Welsh, here’s Carol Vorderman:



  1. Let’s just say I or my wife was dying.

    Our daughter, currently living in Sydney, could not, under any circumstances, come home to WA to see us. The border is CLOSED. No compassionate grounds, no coming in and quarantining …. just CLOSED. And we’re supposed to be a single Federation.

  2. Wow – I didn’t know that the voluptuous Carol was Welsh. My dad’s people came to northeastern PA back in the late 1800s to mine anthracite coal and I’m proud of my heritage of brave, hard working people. Sure, we’re all a little crazy but who isn’t? I hope to have “Men of Harlech” played at my funeral.

  3. “OMG is Newsom that fucked?”

    It’ll be proven once Xi-den tries to start sniffin’ New-scum’s coiffure….you just wait an see

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