1. Will America evolve into warring states? FIFY because what we have now isn’t working anymore.

  2. Can’t say, but what we have isn’t working or working out.

    Add to it St. Fauxci and his ‘cloak crusade’ and it depresses even farther. What ever happens, its better to get it over, than to draw it out- done, reflect, repair, maneuver. It will be painful, but this ersatz wedding we have is even worse.

  3. We need to devolve into different states. Doesn’t need to be warring states unless we wait too long.

    1. The war will occur when the “woke” states realize that the free states won’t host parasites anymore.

  4. Will the Afghan people continue battling their neighbors in the next cave?
    Here in fUSA, will slum-trash get ambitious, and strut around some country folk?
    Not for long.
    Here in Eugene, Oregon — formerly known as ‘hippy-ville’ — will hippies continue to evolve into Redneck-hippies by totin’ firearms and being real suspicious of slum-trash?
    Already happening.
    Globally, will the uppity xenophobic inbred chinese continue their bumbling attempts to pretend to be better than everybody else?
    Paraphrasing Matt Bracken:
    * Keystone Kops times the Three Stooges times chinesium joe biden times California bumblebrats
    Will Keith Richards continue?
    May our great-grankids be so lucky!

  5. It’s a false question, since Afghanistan NEVER was a unified state to begin with. Most likely never will be.

    1. Was the USA ever a truly unified state? Consider the west coast and east coast populations then consider the populations of what are cynically called the “fly-over” states.

  6. I think that the United States will fracture along political lines with some States breaking up and disappearing completely, the various politically different segments becoming part of more politically aligned adjoining States. The more right-wing States will adhere to the basic tenets of the present Constitution, the left-leaning States will adopt a much more Socialist basis for their political and social systems. I think that the existing US Military will split along similar lines inso far as the troops on the ground (and in the air) are concerned, and will join the various existing National Guards. Nuclear weapons and their usage is not envisioned. Other weapons …? Who knows.
    Such an arrangement, with the necessary close geographic proximity of the two politically opposed systems cannot be permanent. One side, and I think that it will be the left-leaning one, will attempt to subvert or subjugate the more right-wing States, one by one if necessary. It is then that everything will be in-place for the conflict to begin. It will start with seemingly minor border infractions which will be aggravated for political reasons. This aggravation will spiral rapidly into shootings, bombings and mounting guerrilla warfare. The possibility of ‘army versus army’, as in the War of Secession, is remote. It will be community against community, city against city and eventually State against State.
    The hoplophobic leftists will then learn the reason for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of what was once the world’s greatest country.

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