Anytime You Like, Sweetheart

SGT Cindy Bronson has a message for her fellow Americans in case martial law is declared: “Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.”

…and here’s what I’ll be pointing at you:

Anyway, challenge accepted.


  1. The ratio of the number of individuals who at one time or another received the type of training she receives versus those who currently receive that training is more that 1:1. Bring it on tongue-n-groover.

    1. Apparently, she’s an 88M (truck driver). Not much chance she’ll be pointing a rifle at anybody, and if she does, not much chance of hitting anything with it intentionally. That is, if her weapon doesn’t jam right off due to piss-poor maintenance like many Jessica Lynch’s units’ did in Iraq, 2003.

  2. Not to mention that Pennsylvania alone fields about as many deer hunters per year as the total size of the Army (including clerks, truck drivers, and whatever this idiot is). Total civilian gun ownership DWARFS the entire military (all branches, including NG and reserve) PLUS law enforcement on all levels. And we’ve just seen the lie that we need F16s and nukes.

    If, as that great sage and eminent philosopher Forrest Gump stated, stupid is as stupid does, she is certainly at the low end of the bell curve.

    In a just and proper world SGT Braindead would find herself stripped to E1, charged with violation of her enlistment vows, and receive a dishonarable discharge. Then she should be marched around to every base the military has to make a full public apology to her former comrades, then make the same apology tour of every state capital and every Federal facility down to the local Post office. After which she would be marched up 13 steps to receive the short drop and sudden stop she so richly deserves. Pour encourager les autres.

    Mark D

  3. I read somewhere that her MOS is Motor Transport, not combat arms. Maybe her command has heard of posse comitatus. Then again, the current flag ranks don’t seem to know much and seem capable of less.

    1. Posse Comitatus has been a dead letter since 1958. Otherwise Eisenhower couldn’t have sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock.

  4. Wait, you said you were going to switch to that delightful new ‘mooning’ graphic.

  5. She’s a transpo MOS, which means she goes to the range once per year and spends two days struggling to qualify. Anyone can talk big, little girl.

    1. It also means that she is in a unit that is highly exposed in a guerilla war. Most non-combat arms do their jobs within a perimeter that is (at least in theory) secured by well-armed grunts, but if the POGs and grunts are going to eat, truckers have to leave that perimeter and be exposed to snipers and IEDs. If she understood anything about what she’s proposing, she would be utterly terrified of it.

      1. …And that’s assuming that the grunts didn’t refuse illegal orders, ending in throwing the officers issuing those orders up against the wall – and she’s bucking to be included with the officers.

  6. The young lady’s threats will back-fire.
    Any American with an ounce of integrity will see anybody similar to her as a series of targets — left elbow, left knee, left ‘O’ in ‘Bronson’.
    ‘Aim Small’ is the mantra of Americans.

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