Monday Funnies

Mondays don’t matter if you’re a seal:

…unless there’s a killer whale in your immediate future;  but for the rest of us, we have to face the week with a smile, lest we become all shooty and stuff.  So:

And finally, a Reader’s nomination for the next (Republican) President’s Cabinet:

It could not possibly be any worse than the current one.

So, as always, a few Gratuitous Chick Pics to help you on your way.

Category:  Vocalists.

I’d offer a prize of a box of ammo to anyone could name them all, but y’all would just go and Guggle them, so forget it.

Happy Monday.


  1. If you don’t mind French singers, there’s Ophelie Winter and Elodie Frege (Ms. Frege got her kit off in Lui magazine a few years ago)

  2. Regarding the nymphomaniac joke; I’ve been married 36 years….I LIKED the maniac.

  3. About the mother having a talk with her son about what she found in his room, Clayton Cramer blogged more than 12 years ago about a father who actually said to him that “At least my son is into drugs and not into guns.”

    That can only make sense if the delusional dad thinks that the path to being a stone-cold gangbanger murderer starts with wanting to shoot at targets rather than starting with wanting to be part of a strong group of people on the street and going to murderous enforcement to be seen as men.

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