1. I am not at all thrilled by the prospects of President Hobama, either. But I’d rather have her as president before the timeframe passes that will allow her two more ELECTED terms, than one…

    One problem at a time…

    1. We’re fucked either way, whether Harris or Pelosi. But I’d at least get some chuckles out of the Left holding the pieces of their “return to normalcy” bullshit meme in their hands as it drips through their fingers.

  2. Re: Oust Biden –> President Kamala

    Back when Obama was elected in 2008, it occurred to me that perhaps Biden was put in as VP in part for the purpose of discouraging assassins and impeachers. No one would want to remove the president if the result would be a Creepy/Sleepy Joe administration.

    Finding a veep more vile now seems to be established DNC mode of operations.

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