1. In 1975 I watched the evacuation of Saigon and thought that it was the most shameful thing that could ever happen to this country. I was wrong.

  2. For too long the West has been unwilling to use the force necessary and this is the result. We saw this in Korea. We saw this in Vietnam. And now we see it in Afghanistan

  3. We may be “friends” with the Saudis, but I still think things might have worked better if after 9/11 we’d taken out Medina (or maybe Damascus) with conventional weaponry, and informed the Islamists that the next time they decided to get frisky, it would be Mecca with nukes.

    Given that that part of the world seems to prefer “strong horses”, if their “god” can’t even protect his holiest of holies….

    Of course if we’d just pushed through to Baghdad back in ’90 that would probably have prevented 9/11 to begin with.

  4. The Taliban are much more dangerous now. They have shown so far that they have learned how to play the PR game, and the takeover was brilliantly executed from a military standpoint. There are reports of them basically buying off any local resistance – the performance of the Afghan Army and government remind me of Machievelli’s comments about the value of mercenaries in defending a princedom. Whoever is running things at a top level is very dangerous – much more so than the stereotypical cave-dwelling illiterate. We are going to regret our military and intelligence failures here for a long, long time.

  5. Our “failures” need to be feel that regret for the rest of their hopefully short miserable lives.

  6. That attitude would be noble on the part of Biden if he were actually IN Kabul right now, and giving up his seat on every airplane out until everyone else had departed safely.
    This must be what “Lead from Behind” looks like now. When you lead from behind you don’t need to run faster if the people you’re leading get routed.
    That means you get to the microphone first.

  7. If Harry Truman could be referred to as “The Senator from Prendergast”, isn’t it time to call Joe Biden “the President from China”*? If anyone is the Manchurian Candidate, he is.

    *I originally thought to say he was from Al Quaeda, which was more on point for the current debacle, but considering that they all work together, and China is where Joe Biden became wealthy, China is more pertinent.

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