Oh, How Nice

Here they come.  First it was the tech companies coming to Dallas and Austin, now it’s the fucking movie people?

Hollywood stars are leaving Tinseltown behind to recast their lives in Austin, Texas.

What comes next?  Did you have to ask?

Yet even those accustomed to Austin’s growing pains have been stunned by the pandemic’s fallout, which rocketed housing prices by 43 percent in one year — the steepest climb of any major metro area in the country. Tales abound of home sellers being bombarded with all-cash offers the moment a property hits the market. During the first half of the year, 1,440 Austin-area houses sold for more than $100,000 over asking (versus 22 houses in the same period the previous year).

Here’s the good news, though.  Leaving L.A. for Austin is like jumping from a pile of dogshit into a pile of cowshit.

The homeless problem created by Adler and the city council has had a decidedly negative impact on the city and its residents. Crime involving homeless suspects has seen a drastic increase over the past two years.

To make matters worse, the “defund the police initiative” and the anti-police sentiment that has been encouraged by the far-left politicians that govern Austin have pushed an alarming number of officers to resign or move to other departments. Each of these factors has contributed to making the city less safe, but the city council and Mayor Steve Adler don’t seem to care.

Welcome to Los Angeles-lite, assholes.


  1. My retired brother is fleeing Austin for the tiny town of Mentone, Alabama. It’s a mountain resort area overlooking the Cumberland Mountains. He is buying nearly twice the house for little more than half of what his Austin place sold for. He can’t wait to see the People’s Republic of Austin in his rearview.

  2. The communists tend to congregate in and or near the metropolises. If that is where you live and work it blows to be you.
    If you can’t tolerate that shit then you need to get way out and go full on rural. The snowflakes are afraid of the rural dark.

  3. I lived in Austin back in the 80’s (going to school there). Nice at the time. Periodically would swing by every few years on vacation and such. Last couple of times noticed the traffic was absolutely horrible. I cannot stress that enough. I drive daily in Houston rush hour traffic and Austin is another step beyond that. I would [email protected]@king die if I had to live there now.

    Then I noticed all the homeless encampments. That’s way new. My wife kept telling me “well, where else are they going live?” My answer, ” I don’t care”. They weren’t here decades ago, there weren’t here 5 years ago, they shouldn’t be here now. There were tent cities in the medians of major roads, under overpasses, in any green area by stores and shopping areas. We don’t see that in Houston. And dear Lord, living in a tent in the median of a Texas highway in August? Nope, round them all up, put them on a truck, and drive them out into the desert. Leave a pallet of water and wish them best of luck.

    Anyway, not going back for any reason. Will drive 100 miles detour just to avoid it. We love to vacation in the Hill Country, but Austin is off-limits.

  4. TX needs to find a new place to relocate the capitol; or, exile all the commies and let the normies restore Austin.

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