News Roundup

After yesterday’s rather bleak Roundup, today’s is 100% INSIGNIFICA.

FFS, weren’t the endless fairy movies enough for the Tolkien groupies?

key word:  Brazil, where the legal age of consent is 14.

given the circumstances, I’m surprised it isn’t more common.

left a note?  After eight days of fucking bagpipes, I’d be getting stabby and shooty.

my question:  did the kids have to be informed of the vile parents’ porno trip?

oh FFS, lock up your sons.  No man should.

or, the caffeine/sugar equivalent of two Classic Cokes.  No big deal.

And some gratuitous pics of Duncan’s house Nigora:

yeah, I know.  But she’s a Slav, so it’s not rayciss.

Oh, and one last piece of good news:

…that karma thing…


  1. Regarding that last one about Ms. Berry failing to medal, this from the article caught my eye: “In addition, she pulled out a back t-shirt that read “Activist Athlete” as she covered her face.”

    Perhaps if she’d focused more on being an Athlete and less on being an Activist she’d have performed better than next-to-last.

  2. I remember an old joke with two punchlines, one of which is bound to have our host’s index finger twitching…
    Why do bagpipers march?
    PL1) to escape that godawful noise
    PL2) it is harder to hit a moving target

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