Feeling Better

After my rather gloomy, sorry-for-myself post the other day, I must confess to feeling quite heartened at the several messages which I read both in Comments and via email from people like Reader Bruce M, who wrote in response to “Getting Tired” thus:

Me too, but there are a lot of us out that need people like you to stay focused on the world for us.
I would like you to do a bit about the politics of hate. It seems to me that there is an effort to get those of us that just want our freedom to do and think what we want, to hate each other.
The groups to hate:
Boomers, vaxxers, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, any religious group not of your exact sect or cult. The list keeps growing until no one is on our side.
Planned by the commies, maybe ?
A reader who values your thoughts.

It is indeed a topic worthy of discussion, nay even a rant.  Expect one shortly.

And from Longtime Reader John dB who, after a reminder of my long-past writings, concluded with:

Can I persuade you to cast aside your fatigue and carry on with your political commentary? What you have to say features in what I want to do and besides, the quiet ones who follow you but hardly/never comment, need you.

I am deeply touched and flattered that my fevered rants about our body politic actually mean something in people’s lives.  (He also reminded me of this essay.)

Consider the fatigue cast aside… just buckle in, because it may get kinda rough from here on.


  1. “…because it may get kinda rough from here on.”
    Rough = Tough
    The rougher the better, I say.
    It weeds out the sissy’s.

  2. “The groups to hate:
    Boomers, vaxxers, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, any religious group not of your exact sect or cult. The list keeps growing until no one is on our side.”

    Here’s the part I don’t understand about this concept (and I recently found a video of Jordan Peterson where he expounded on it brilliantly, as is his wont): Yes, we differ in skin color, sex, national origin, religion. We also differ in other categories that aren’t on the “official” lists of differences, hair color, intelligence, upbringing, height, presence/absence of facial hair, and whether or not we like lutefisk. These differences break us into smaller and smaller minorities until we eventually reach….the individual. Because ultimately, I’m the only person EXACTLY like me who will ever live.

    Mark D

    1. Lutefisk … (/shudders with dread) … giving gefilte a good name every waking day.

      1. You mean you find something distasteful about soaking dried codfish in lye?

        Never had it personally, but I’m told it’s not only very good, but that you feel REAL good afterward. Something about the lye breaking down the proteins so they’re absorbed much more quickly than normal.

  3. If God did not have an ironic sense of humor he would have stopped at rocks but, oh no all sorts of creatures were created including us human beans. Until I was ten years old I thought we were human beans instead of beings and wondered why we were beans. History is a roller coaster full of ups and downs and as Mark D above mentions each one of us has our own history, in my case lots of ups and downs and each step brought me to the next place and here I am which is just fine.

    My methode of copping with all of the life crap has been a smart ass, wry, dry sense of humor and sarcasm and the way I deal with the life stuff is my choice, I oft times cannot change the stuff but I have a choice in how I handle it. We don’t always have to be a happy face and at times bitter tears and feeling down is most appropriate along with well controlled anger. Remember non of us get out of this alive so I suggest we do our best to enjoy the ride.

    At times I like to sit out in my backyard and enjoy a cigar and recently I purchased a few inexpensive ones at the liquor store. They tasted, smelled and burned like a piece of rope and when I told my wife I still had two more to smoke she told me to throw them away and buy better, a bit more expensive ones because we can afford them and life is too short to put up with crappy cigars because they are cheaper. I have a box of nice ones coming in a couple of days.

  4. Flame on. You where my favorite site to visit till your wife passed on to the great beyond

    Thought you lost your direction there for a bit

    Lots of people are getting lost along the way. Hopefully you will get your light lit up again

    Have a good day today and a better one tomorrow

  5. Now, just throw a grenade down that shark’s throat.

    You have a talent with words that most lack; I’m glad to see you use it.

  6. Behind enemy lines, we used to have a meeting called the Restoration Coalition which was a collection of liberty minded folks. An older member brought up the state of being burned out. He said that sometimes we have to pass the baton to another person for a while to do the heavy lifting, take a break then come back recharged.


  7. Ain’t nothing wrong with taking a knee and checking your compass every now and then.

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