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SPRINGFIELD—All area stores have completely sold out if their supply of 9mm vaccine passports amid a nation-wide shortage.
The shortage began last year, well before rumors started circulating that President Joe Biden was going to require vaccine passports for certain activities.
Many people looking to tell the president and his minions, “I got your vaccine passport right here, Karen,” are having trouble finding them.
“It’s just a combination of things — you got millions of new vaccine passport owners buying them right when COVID hit,” said Billy Fallon, the owner of Firing Line, an indoor firing range and vaccine passport shop in Westland. “Companies shut down because of COVID, and when they started back up, they were only at a quarter-staff. And the orders kept coming in.”
Now with a likely federal mandate, the shortage could reach unprecedented levels.
“We’re short on everything but just cannot keep the 9mm or the .40 caliber vaccine passports on the shelf,” Fallon said.

Serves them right for just going with untried, untested 9mm/.40 S&W vaccine passports.  I (and many like me) prefer to go with the tried-and-tested .45 ACP and .357 Magnum vaccine passports, which deliver just the kind of results one would like them to have on the Gummint Karens.


  1. And:
    * millennials can’t figure out paying their telephone bill but are certain they can fix the federal budget
    I just found another way to waste more hours each day.
    Thank you so much [ massive amounts of sarcasm ].
    Did you know inoculations passports are racist against Blacks© because Blacks© are unclear on the concept of identification [ I suspect that has something to do with ‘those people all look alike… even to each other’ ]?
    And fencing on the border involves foils and white outfits?

  2. Eh, the .40 and 9mm, with good ammo, don’t really suck any worse than the .45 or .357 on a shot by shot basis any more. The suckage occurs in pistol capacity and ease/speed of reloading.
    I have all 4 of course, plus more. Or did before that canoe trip. But I usually carry a 9, as the best balance of magazine capacity and concealment. (Sig 365, for those curious)

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