News Roundup

Our special FUCK THE COVID/GOVERNMENT feature.  First off:

which is what we should have been doing all along.  Instead:

good question, Tuck.

so much for me visiting New Orleans over Labor Day, then.  And speaking of parties:

you’re all thinking what I’m thinking, right?  500 fatal WuFlu fatalities in a week’s time?

I know, NYFC.  Stillit could be worse, like in Australia.

and speaking of terror:

if you don’t get an instant RCOB when reading this, I don’t wanna talk to you no more.

And the Scots can’t be left behind:

there’s no tyrant can compete with a bitter lesbian.

Anyway, I’ve been told that I shouldn’t yell at the fucking government about the WuFlu crap all the time, so here’s a public service announcement (ahem):

Okay, that’s enough WuFlu.  Let’s just look at some day-to-day government bastardy:

Fatboi signs yet another unenforceable law.

brace yourself for another RCOB… and I don’t even like alpacas.

one can only imagine

And finally:

either the Belarus gummint did it, or he had some dirt on the Clintons.

No Gratuitous Chick Pics today, I’m in a bad mood.


  1. That lady. WoW. Is that perfection or what? I’ll be thinking about her the rest of the day, at least.

    1. I haven’t put on a mask for weeks but I just picked up a truckload now. she makes me quiver

  2. Those FBI pictures? You’ve clearly never watched The Italian Job. Michael Caine at his finest. And Benny Hill to boot!

  3. Is it a conflict of interest to petition the Almighty to make the 500 party woke death-count from WuFlu a thing?

  4. Tucker, the reason why is the Five Eyes Agreement – the IC has corrupted everything.

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