News Roundup

…which is even more trivial and stupid than usual.

which makes me wonder:  considering that pretty much the only people in Hollywood not socialist are James Woods, Kelsey Grammer, Adam Corolla and Nick Searcy, which one has gone over to the Dark Side?

and considering that the Mafia, Black Hand and MS-13 are not active in Sweden, who could these gangs be?  Swedish right-wing militants?  Disaffected Swedish film students?  Oh, wait

yup, the riots against the Communist Cuban government have all been caused by something Trump did.  FFS, this chick is stupidly evil.

[insert Polack joke here]  Or maybe it’s because Polish adding machines only go up to five?

and yet, feminists still want to serve in combat because they’re strong enough.

personally, I can’t see why they aren’t issued with Tasers On the other hand, there are those unruly passengers who insist on three sugars for their coffee… best not.


and we need to know all this… why?

actually, it sounds as though it’s more likely because you’re self-centered, boring and unpleasant.

wait:  you mean that the much-beloved BritGov fucked up a simple clerical task?

and I think that the muggers should be extradited to Oman to face trial for murder.


you cannot show ze porn, you feelthy perverts!  Only we can show ze porn!


  1. Kim,

    Regarding the AOC comment on Cuba and Trump’s policies being to blame….yes, she is STUPIDLY EVIL! However, she has a loyal following of equally stupid young people (my niece is unfortunately among them) who believe every word and thought this POS blurts out. The Republic is in grave danger……

  2. The 52 year old divorcee reminds me of a joke:

    The priest, ready to hear confession, open the grate and said, “Do you wish to confess?”

    An elderly voice said, “Father, I’m having sex with an 18 year old girl! We do it 4 or 5 times a day! We do it in every position!”
    “Mr. Goldberg? Mr. Goldberg–why are you telling me? You’re not even Catholic!”
    “Telling YOU? I’m telling EVERYONE!”

    1. When I was a young man going to all-boy Catholic schools, we could get out of class if we “needed” to go to Confession, which most of us did to get a breather from the reading, writing and arithmetic.

      On one of my visits to the Confessional, the priest became confused the the tense of the verbs I was employing, forcing him to ask “When did you do this?”

      I explained that I hadn’t perpetrated the venial sin yet, but that I was planning to do so and I wanted to get absolution in advance.

      All of which, of course, led to a lecture, a stern admonition and a ton of Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s.

  3. Don’t forget Adam Baldwin (“Animal Mother” in Full Metal Jacket, Jayne in Firefly and Serenity, and Slattery in The Last Ship as another out and proud Hollywood conservative. He’s a hoot.

  4. Re: banning wolf whistling – by the time bigBro is through with that repressive, anti-liberty boondoggle and its costs, it would be cheaper and more effective to give every woman a loaded pistol. Wouldn’t take but a few Afromuzzies with their jewels blown off or a third eye for word to get around.

  5. Heathrow Chaos strikes me as an excellent band name.

    Regarding the Omani sheikh’s unfortunate son, I thought it was verboten to say that the victim of a crime was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Because that’s blaming the victim, an unforgivable sin. Or so I have been informed by Our Betters.

    Frognot, you should check out the audiobooks of Larry Correia’s two Tom Stranger novels, both of which are narrated by Adam Baldwin. As an interdimensional insurance agent, Tom Stranger visits a lot of parallel universes, including one where Firefly had five seasons and three hit movies . . . and where Baldwin is now President. (His Secretary of Defense is R. Lee Ermey.)

  6. “Heavy Date” reminds me of the old saying: “No matter how good looking she is, somewhere there is at least one guy that got tired of putting up with her shit”.

  7. Stupid Polacks… I was commiserating with my dad once upon a time about something stupid I’d done. “You’re a Polack, what’d you expect?” he asked. “I’m only half a Polack sunshine, so you must be twice as stupid” I replied. Without missing a beat, he said “Half a Polack. Half a MAN.”

    I think he got old just to lull me into believing he was easy pickings. Treacherous bastard.

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