Seems like even the lawyers are getting sick of it:

Even though he’s a lawyer, I’m on his side.

In my own case, when once threatened with punishment for contempt of court back in Seffrica, I snarled: “Contempt doesn’t even begin to cover what I feel for this court.”  The judge looked somewhat startled and my lawyer put his head in his hands;  whereupon the judge started laughing and let me off with a R50* fine — which my lawyer paid because I refused to.

Fuck all of them, black-robed assholes.

*Back then, fifty rands was almost half a month’s rent for my downtown apartment.


  1. This sounds like contempt to me, this ambulance chasing lawyer has been practicing law for 50 years, an officer of the court and lawyers know when they are acting and how to plan each word and phrase for the most effect. Of course he is about my age, mid-70’s so he might play the old man card, I suspect there is a history here between a nutty judge and a fed up attorney because, it would be interesting to know the circumstances that led up to the ‘fuck you’. Wonder what the outcome of this will be.

  2. We’ll find out if this judge believes he’s God in that courtroom, or just playing at it.
    Or, was the lawyer channeling Al Pacino in “In Justice For All”?

  3. As a lawyer, I am amazed at the respect normal people have for judges. Oddly, these same people have utter contempt for lawyers and politicians. The unspoken secret about judges is that they are nothing more than politically connected lawyers. In other words, they are BOTH politicians and lawyers, and deserve all the scorn people give to either group.
    Once I was FIFTH Chair in a lawsuit (I had to sit behind the Paralegal, out in the audience). The judge was a madman, who was not only channeling Johnny from “The Shining”, he brought in a still of Jack Nicholson in the famous “Heeeere’s Johnny!” scene.
    This judge likely deserved the “Fuck You!” and any number of others in years prior.

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