1. If you punched any of them in the face they would be killed.
      Skinbags full of pussy hair.

  1. I’m guessing few of us looked very manly in our pre-basic training/ boot camp pictures. That group looks like it could be molded into a sturdy enough group to blow up day care centers or snipe grandma. The same psychology that turns men into marines and soldiers will work on them.

    1. Perhaps, but none of these….people….look like they have the discipline that 8-12 weeks or more of basic military training instills…

      Further, who is going to teach them?

  2. Not one of them looks like he could pick a sick cat out of a litterbox, and they think they’re going to go around punching people they don’t like? Sounds like it’ll result in some of those “F**ked around and found out” videos.

    Mark D

  3. You can always spot the weaklings and cowards by their preference for targets that can’t fight back: statues, movies and books, words and phrases, and especially dead people (such as the Nazis). If you offered to send these guys back to 1942 so they could fight REAL Nazis, they would run away whimpering in terror.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Antifa is a bunch of skinny jean wearing vegans picking fights with bikers, rednecks, and combat vets. I think we should just let nature take it’s course.

  5. Probably a real fine team of liberal arts Phd., trust fund, enabling, weasel dick licking, instigators who are funding the left~riot protest movements, the sicko brains behind the whacko brawn.

  6. Seems like they only show where they have a Soros funded DA to bail them out. If this is to be war, you know who to take out first.

  7. “What you going to do now??!?!”

    Point and laugh

    Make derisive comments

    And then I shall mock you again.

  8. And it would be hilarious to listen to my old Taekwondo instructors critique the “fists” they are waving about.

  9. These twerps are not the problem, they are window dressing and cannon fodder for two groups, one being the core/command structure of pantyfa and the other the black power types that are purposely kept out of the news. The ones funded by Obungles and China/NGO foreign players, actually training for so called insurgency action. All the public foo faw over white supremacy is the smoke and mirrors while the communist shock troops are being prepped. Anyone ever get a clear answer on why certain innocuous government departments (Post office, Bureau of Land Management, DNR and others) purchased huge amounts of ammunition back under the Obungles regime and where it is now?

    Will they be effective? Maybe in certain urban areas but not in small town America (which is most of the country).

  10. Well, we are right not to be intimidated, but nonetheless, the threat should not be dismissed. These kids went into the woods weak and effeminate, and they came out of the woods weak, effeminate, but with shared purpose, assured of their righteousness, camaraderie and a willingness to gang up on and whack people with skateboards.

    We must also never forget that not all of the adversary hail from the “island of misfit toys” as Mike Yon characterized some. They do have competent and well equipped shooters on their side. Yes, their armed demonstrations do tend to feature negligent discharges, but if you look carefully, there’s more than a few that are wearing their armor properly, handling their arms with practiced ease, and are enforcing at least some basic “don’t shoot people having dinner” discipline.

  11. Hahahah. Fucking morons.

    Let’s work from the assumption things are about to get spicy, so these idiots have decided to “go to the mountains to train”. Then they take a group picture without their gay little masks..


    I know what branch of pantifa they’re from and now I have their faces? Jesus Wept.

    Guess I’m happy about having stupid enemies.

  12. They are provoking the reaction their paymasters want.

    Start a fight with normal folks, get flattened, and give .gov an excuse to crack down.

  13. If I get two points for a nun in a wheelchair, plowing over those nincompoops would be worth fractions of one point… for their entire squad.
    I am not complaining.
    I just have to find more of them to compensate.

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