That Freedom Thing

The old expression goes, “If you are not allowed to laugh at something, you’re facing totalitarianism.”

Try this example:

Katie Hopkins has been deported from Australia after ‘joking’ about breaching hotel quarantine rules and calling Covid lockdowns the ‘greatest hoax in human history.’
The controversial British social commentator, 46, boarded a Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney at 3pm on Monday after her ‘critical skills’ visa was torn up by the Federal Government and she was fined $1,000 (£536) for answering the door of her room in quarantine naked and without a face mask in violation of quarantine rules.

Here’s the best part:

It was at 5am on Saturday that Hopkins took to Instagram live to post a speech where she ‘called out’ the lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne and threatened to answer her hotel door naked.

Why is this funny, in light of her expulsion?  She never actually answered the door naked and maskless — she only jokingly threatened to do so.

Nevertheless, to the priggish OzGov, who have to lock down their population serially because of their inability to manage any form of mass inoculation against the WuFlu, this was All Too Much:

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said on Monday morning: ‘I hadn’t heard of her before and I don’t want to hear about her ever again.
‘I thought it was just shameful, the fact that she was out there boasting about breaching quarantine was just appalling,’ she told the ABC.

‘As soon as we found out about her behaviour and the fact that she was out there openly flaunting our quarantine system here, we took pretty strong action as quickly as we possibly could to get that visa cancelled, and to make sure she would be leaving the country,’ she said.

What a bunch of self-righteous tools.


    1. I was going to comment, but I’ve pretty much given up with the Daily Mail.

      1. Although, I suppose answering the door naked would be flaunting something. Just not regulations.

  1. Nearing the finish line of bio on James Madison. In a painfully slow read, the brilliance of Jimmy and the crew stands out. The insight into human nature and the work to thwart mans stupidity makes me realize how blessed this nation is. Elsewhere there is almost nothing to separate the individual from the evil that blossoms with power.

    Hopkins is a crude loudmouth, but I enjoy reading and watching her. I will look forward to the time (not far away) when the Chinese Army and Navy march onto the shores of Oz. Let’s see how tough they act then….

  2. I used to think Australia would be a good place to relocate. After all, you were welcome to immigrate if you could bring the proper credentials, and/or a bunch of money to start a business.

    What happened, I wonder? Has the whole world gone off the deep end?

    The Covid business has revealed what power hungry people everywhere really crave, and it has nothing to do with our good health.

  3. One of the things covid killed was the reputation of Aussies as manly men.

    Turns out they are a creepy, cowardly bunch of fascists.

      1. It would take a special kind of bravery to risk seeing Katie Hopkins in the nude.

  4. The linked article seems more like a press-release, less like journalism.
    The resemblance to a bitchy competition between one of those little people and YourBetters© employed at TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence is remarkable… and instructive.
    The message:
    * YourBetters© can give, then at a whim, can take away.
    * keep silent except for snitching.
    * photographers work for YourBetters©.
    * journalists work for YourBetters©.
    * airport employees work for YourBetters©.
    * you are helpless against YourBetters©.
    * ridiculing a dictate from OfficialsAndAuthorities will get you publicly ridiculed.
    I have zero-zero-zero interest in televisionprogramming, so I am not familiar with Katie Hopkins.
    Among her quotes is one about never hiring the obese.
    Based on a decade of operating a restaurant business, I tend to agree.

  5. The darkest truth is that humans are eminently enslavable…and that we have 50,000 years of highly refined human experience in doing the enslaving.

    The second darkest is how routinely and predictably humans are cowed into submission.

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