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I spoke of Victoria Coren a little while back, and now it’s time to call on her brother Giles, albeit for different reasons:

Giles Coren exploded with rage on social media this morning as he revealed thieves pinched his £65,000 eco-Jaguar for the second time in just three months.
The TV presenter, 51, turned detective back in April after his beloved car was stolen but police told him they didn’t have the ‘manpower to investigate’.

Of course they don’t.  Perhaps it’s because if you go on Twatter and call a footballer a nigger, the response will be dramatic, and immediate.  But to continue:

In an incredible thread, [Coren] posted pictures of his journey in tracking down the Jaguar I-Pace, which he eventually found in Highgate, north London, telling followers he ‘got his electric kitty cat back’.

Didn’t help much.  After spending a small fortune to re-key his car and change all its “anti-theft” doodads, the car was stolen again, leaving Coren in an incandescent rage.

In a furious tweet, Mr Coren wrote: ‘They’ve stolen my fucking car AGAIN!!!! Cost me three grand to reset the keys and put in a new tracking system after last time and what good does it do? FUCK ALL.
‘If you see a black Jaguar iPace reg ending JVN could you tell me? I’ll give you a million pounds.’

Giles, ol’ buddy:  if you’re going to drop a million bucks, you should rather move out of London, to a more law-abiding place like say, Reading.

I’ll give him the last word, though:

The food critic began: ‘Last night the cunts stole my new Jaguar I-Pace. So Fuck them, fuck the environment and fuck any sort of giving a shit about cars.
‘I’m buying a six year old diesel fucking Skoda and everyone can just fuck off.’

Note to the Greens:  when you’ve lost the food critics… after all, this electric car thing will soon lose its allure for other reasons.


  1. So he put in a “tracking system” of questionable value since he “eventually found the car”. If it was a good real time system he should have been able to the police that his car was travelling north on the M3 just past East Pudding-on-rye so they could dispatch a car next week.

    The ” Loss of revenue” from missing gas taxes that, of course, electric cars don’t pay will really start to get under the skin of politicians once the numbers start to get bigger. That gas tax money has supported all sorts of programs rather than the streets and roads it was originally indented to be used for.

    Somebody will lean on big tech to add a mileage reporting system into the software so they can add the needed “lost tax revenue” or add road taxes to charging systems ( because charging systems are just like gas pumps and that’s their money that’s not being collected).

  2. The real problem is that you have a “food reviewer” who’s willing, and able, to offer a millions pounds reward for his car.

      1. Not to worry. California is already showing the way for greens to suicide. No power generation leads to no electric cars. Good call on the old Skoda Tdi, I am never giving up my diesel Passat, heck I can run them on peanut oil if it comes down to that. Had 4 diesels in the barn a while back, down to only 2 now. May have to find a nice clean 85 Benz oiler.

  3. and in other news from Blighty…..
    Lando Norris, an up and coming F-1 driver decided to mix with the little people last weekend and went to Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final……
    and somebody nicked his watch that he, or someone, had paid 40,000 Pounds for.
    Lando, you should have worn a Timex.

  4. So, I count his car as having been stolen three times. Either he has the worst luck of any driver, or someone is out to steal his car and aggravate his digestion as much as possible.

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