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From ZMan (via Uncle Mike):

The hard lesson America is about to learn is one that the Europeans never seemed to learn, despite plenty of opportunities.  That is, diversity plus proximity must always end in violence.  The internet age has brought every American into close contact with every other American.  No one likes what they see in the other camps and increasingly no one thinks they can live near the other camp.  The result is predictable.

And the final paragraph is equally bleak:

In the twilight of the West, it is only appropriate that the show will close with one last spasm of ideological warfare.  If the antiwhite fanatics carry the day and erase white society from the book of life, they take themselves with it in what will be remembered as the great suicide of the West.  If this is resisted and avoided, it will mostly likely require a degree of ugliness as yet unimagined.  Either way, the great epoch of ideology will not end well.

Hello, the Balkan States of America.


  1. Perhaps if all of these liberal organizations like BLM and LGBT BBQ BLT 123 Plus Stopped telling people that the White man is screwing them and tell them
    The truth that they are screening themselves, and if these idiots saw the light America wouldn’t have half the bullshit going on that is happening.

  2. We already have that. Only it’s the Urban areas verses the flyover country with the Suburbs caught in the middle instead of tribal lands. Once the alphabet soup groups realize they should be burning the high rise apartments instead of their own infrastructure, then the lines will be more apparent.

  3. No nation, govt, culture has made it without major upheaval or pure extinction for all intents. Look back across the last 10 thousand yrs. There is a reason we have folks called archeologists. Who research past civilizations with trowels and brushes. Our time is limited. America and the West will be but a remnant of the past at some point. Buried beneath the blowing sands of time. We are just a bunch of smart monkeys whose only purpose is to make more smart monkeys. If we go back to living in caves or stick huts, that will be fine with Mother Nature.

    1. And the archaeologists will dig holes and point to the layers of charcoal and other burned materials and talk in clinical terms about the death and destruction of formerly great civilizations they represent.
      The other thing that comes to mind is Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall”, which noted the repeated cycle of civilization growth and utter destruction.

  4. It’s become obvious that we’re in the midst of a tremendous effort to tribalize the United States of America; until ~15 years ago we were living in a society that was becoming very rapidly homogenized.
    The next step, for those interested, is who (persons and states) is spending the money.
    The final step is reviewing the remedies and time frame needed to apply them before the entire situation goes sideways.

  5. [I am a kinetic learner. I tend to not think in theories; I prefer hands-on experience instead of lectures and sermons.]
    Balkanization of the Western Hemisphere?
    I don’t see a downside.
    I live on a farm, I treasure my solitude in remote Oregon forests and on isolated Baja beaches.
    I have nothing in common with urbanites.
    For me, the ‘suicide’ described in the column would be living in a city sardine-can, dependant on a massive transportation system for my food/water inputs and my sewage/garbage outputs with little flex or resilience.
    The image is horrifying.
    I will be 70 in a few weeks.
    The urban potential for catastrophic cascading failures far exceeds my likely capacity to recover within my available decades.
    One example:
    * electric vehicles
    For errands within a few city blocks, they seem viable.
    However, the transportation of their go-juice relies on each component in a thousand-mile grid to:
    * not age
    * be maintained by skilled staff
    * consist of easily-replaced parts and pieces
    * impervious to sabotage plus fumblings of first-day trainees plus incompetent ‘Peter Principle’ managers/managerettes.
    I think this is an improvement.
    I think survivors are emerging as spiritually/financially healthier and wiser with greater resilience… and certainly less trusting of YourBetters©.

  6. Kim, you knew me back in the day. You know I’ve said on several occasions that we were approaching a time in which all bets would be off.

    I’m making the call:
    All bets are off.

    1. 1.5 million rounds??

      Paraphrasing Slim Pickens as Major Kong: “Shoot, you could have a pretty good weekend in Dallas with that.”

    2. 1.5 million rounds would easily fit in the back of a Ford Transit Connect XLT cargo van (the small one).

      Don’t ask me how I know that.

      1. “….would easily fit in the back of a Ford Transit…”
        Yeah, but could it move the weight or did the rear end bottom out on the ground? ;>)

        1. It certainly dropped a few inches. I moved all my prized possessions (guns, liquor, tobacco and ammo) to and from southern Arizona. Got stopped by Border Patrol in Lordsburg, NM for an ID check and almost got waived through, but the agent saw the sagging rear end and waived me over to the inspection stations.
          “What have you got in the back?”
          “Guns, liquor and ammo?
          “Mind if I take a look?
          “No problem, but it’s packed pretty tight–be careful opening the door.”
          He opens the sliding door behind the driver’s seat and about 2,000 rounds of CCI .22 fall onto the pavement. A couple of the plastic containers break and rounds start rolling around on the ground. “You need some help with” I say. He says, “Nah, I broke it, I’ll pick it up.” In the process of trying to shove the .22’s back into the van, he shifted a box of 7.62×39 off the top of the stack in it fell out and busted. It was the Privi Partizan type in the flimsy cardboard container and about half of them ended up on the pavement. He gave up, when and got a stiff broom and a long handled dustpan, handed it to me and said, “sorry for the trouble, have a nice day.”

  7. All parasites must be removed no matter the cost, otherwise the host will die from the burden. There is no other way and any discussion of alternatives further jeopardizes the host.

    1. Succinct, elegant and simply put.
      I like it – a lot.
      Unfortunately for all of us, also very true.

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