Quote Of The Day

[with apologies]

“I don’t need the government to tell me how to protect myself, my family and my community.  I especially don’t need the government to tell me why I shouldn’t protect myself, my family and my community (and to run away like some fearful coward).

“I’m armed, well trained and ready to die to protect the above against criminal aggression.  I’m the “citizen militia”, the “gun hiding behind every blade of grass”, and I’m the situation all criminals fear when they’re about to perpetrate their evil deeds.

“If government wants to help me in my endeavor, well and good.  If they won’t or can’t, they need to stay out of my goddamned way while I go about my business.”

Kim du Toit



  1. That needs to be condensed down to something that will fit on a bumper sticker.
    Oh, Right: MOLON LABE!

  2. “[With apologies]”
    Why offer ANY apologies for standing on your own and not depending upon someone else to protect you and your family? Especially depending upon ANY government entity that we all know it totally corrupt, filled with pathological liars and exists only for its own benefit.

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