1. Whoa that gives me a flashback.

    Back when that song came out, I helped a friend drive his aunt’s ’74 dodge dart from Cape Cod back to DC. All we had was the radio.

    Heard that damn song a thousand times.

  2. Great minds think alike, Kim. I’ve got Look Sharp, Body & Soul, and Symphony #1 in my CD player right now.

  3. The first commercial that played on that Ewww Tube link was a commercial for dentures or some denture related product. Are they reaching their demographic?


  4. Kim, have you ever heard the version on his live album? Very different and powerful in it’s own way. No synthesizers at all.

  5. If my vinyl has survived the last few moves, someplace in our basement (pray God not the attic!) that album, Night and Day, is packed away, awaiting a new player. I remember giving it a lot of play in during that last year up at uni, ’83-’84.

    The two other tracks that have particularly stuck with me are Breaking Us in Two, and Cancer.

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