So Much For Delta

…and I don’t mean the airline, either.  Try this refreshing dose of commonsense:

America’s Frontline Doctors, that brave group of physicians who have resisted the enforced party line on COVID, has published a video from Britain that takes 3 minutes to show that the appearance and rapid spread of the delta variant in England has led to a decline in hospitalizations and deaths. It is well worth watching as it methodically graphs the data on Covid there, proving that the scaremongering is deceptive propaganda.

Also in the link:  yet more proof (as if any were needed) that Fauci is a mendacious bastard.


  1. Time for this nonsensical stay at home and shut everything down for some people cuz the China flu is scary to stop.

    During this pandemic, I worked a combination of in person and from home. (I work in IT). I worked harder taking more calls and setting up more equipment than before the China flu. And guess what? I did not get paid a dime more by my employer.

    Those who “worked” solely from home, most did less than normal amounts of work. Way less. It was basically a year and a half vacation for these bozos. I am getting way too many calls now “this isn’t working”. When I ask simple questions like “can you enter your username into this field?” Or “can you let me know the number off of your computer?” I have had a handful slip up and say they haven’t turned the thing on in months and aren’t familiar so I better be patient with them. Total idiots. And the management let’s these useless shit heads continue to collect checks.

    We have one department at work, that are refusing to come back until they have “construction” done in their area. What is the construction? Putting up new cubicles and moving desks around. Funny how other departments next to theirs have some people in them onsite. But these bozos don’t feel it’s safe. I guess new cubes and moving desks stops corona. And why the hell didn’t they do the construction and moves during the last year and a half?

    Some people on other departments are whining and arguing about coming back
    As well. Yet these same assholes went out and still go out shopping, to eat, to visit friends, yet, in their warped minds, work in person means oh my god Covid!

    And don’t even get me started on the assholes with kids. So many idiots cried how they couldn’t keep up with work and did less while “working from home” cuz they had to watch their little semen demons.

    Many people who were sitting at home unemployed got paid and many still
    Continue to be paid an extra 300 a week on top of their unemployment.

    No money extra was given to those who worked through this SCAM demic. Police. Firefighters. Nurses. All should have gotten more. Then; while not as important as first responders yet still keeping the world going and working during this SCAM demic, grocery store workers, IT professionals, auto mechanics, retail of many types.

    The government let big business like Walmart and Amazon stay open while they arbitrarily shut down and destroyed many small local businesses.

    I guess it pays to be a lazy bastard and collect unemployment plus extra free shit stolen from those who worked during this allegedly scary and allegedly horrific SCAM demic. Or be a shit head who collects a check from a willing employer signed off by a stupid manager who knows these lazy employees aren’t really “working” from home aka paid vacation.

    Open the country back up. If someone does not want to work, fine that is their choice, and then that means No free shit and no paycheck. Then we’ll see how scared people are of this fake bullshit when they need to pay their bills.

      1. Had me before the third sentence.

        Due to all this feckery, my son is facing resistance from those he manages, claiming that they NOW ‘have people I need to shield/look after at home’ and are refusing to do a shift on one Friday on the phones until 1800 hrs on a SEVEN WEEK rota!

        All very well and good for the six figure stay at homes, who’ve had 18 months playtime with extra cash as not commuting. New windows for entire house? Sure come fit them any time I’m there. Paint and carpet the whole place – sir, I’ve a zoom meeting but then free all day. Go on holiday and ‘WFH’ a couple three times so I don’t have to take it out of my leave? Why not, let’s give it a go. Little Jocasta and Tarquin driving you nuts and giving you ‘stress’ educating them at home? Pffft, tough titty – go make another banana cake I’m sure your customers won’t mind waiting on the line whilst you do that.

        And yet… up your bank for what is laughingly called ‘customer service’ and be hanging on the line and hour or so ‘all our operatives are WFH and your waiting time may be longer than usual’ or worse, dare to venture to a shop to eyeball someone when you buy goods and it’s ‘oh we don’t have that, it’s available on line’. What they don’t appreciate is that IF I and the rest of the world HAD got it on line, they wouldn’t have a job! As for actually seeing your GP face to face? Not since January 2020 here.

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