Truth To Power

The Left is all about “telling truth to power”, until THEY are the ones in power, and somebody wants to tell them some truths.  Then it’s all about “hurtful speech”, “hate speech”, “fake news”, “racism” etc., all of which should be censored because, well, you all know why.

Here are a couple examples.  In Virginia:

The Loudoun County, Virginia, school board cut off a comment period and sicced police on residents Tuesday after they criticized leaders over transgender and race policies.
Loudoun Now reported Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan repeatedly demanded silence from the packed room as members of the public spoke in favor of or in opposition to Critical Race Theory lessons and special privileges for transgender students.
After attendees cheered the remarks of former state Sen. Dick Black (R), the board ordered the room cleared then fled.
A sheriff’s deputy then took the microphone to declare it an “unlawful assembly” and told everyone to get out or be subject to arrest for “trespassing.” When at least one man refused to leave, he was arrested, according to video posted by the news site.

Loudoun Now reported after the room was emptied, the board reconvened in closed session, unfettered by the opinions of taxpayers.

The crowd’s opinions did little to sway elected officials. “We will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity,” Sheridan told NBC 4. She demanded an end to “politically motivated antics.”

Of course, this so-called “Critical Race Theory” has nothing to do with politics, no sirree.

And elsewhere:

Critical race theory has drawn the ire of many, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, as states look to ban teaching its concepts in schools. Similar bills have been pre-filed in Kentucky for consideration in next year’s legislative session.
Tuesday marked the first time that a school board meeting in Kentucky’s largest school district has been disrupted because of opposition to critical race theory.
About half of the board left the meeting room as members of the audience began to shout and security officers confronted them. Some protesters were asked to leave while others left voluntarily.

See, when the Left indulges in noisy, confrontational demonstrations, it’s “the voice of the people”;  but when the demonstrations are against them, they call for security.

Then someone comes along — in this case, a Brit expat (!!!) who tells a Pennsylvania school board exactly what the meaning of free speech is , and then takes them to task for their censorship (cloaked under the maskirovka  of “equity” or some such bullshit).

This is how you deal with these assholes.  And it’s hardly surprising that an immigrant should beat them up like this, because it’s often the case that we ex-furriners know what’s at stake because we left that crap behind us — for the promise of freedom.


  1. This bullshit is going on anywhere the libtards have power. One place especially is college campuses. “Tolerance” is not the term you think it means. Tolerance to liberals has two meanings.

    1 – tolerate and ACCEPT AND EMBRACE all the liberal horseshit. Men in women’s rooms. Gayness promoted in our faces to the point of sickness (I don’t walk around saying I’m proud to be straight). And of course the latest, if you’re black or brown you have been oppressed.

    2. Tolerance of any opinion other than the liberals? Bwa hahahaha. You are evil, right, nationalist bastard who hates people of color. That’s the label.

    “Hate speech”. I guess the 1st amendment only counts when the liberals say their stupid ass nonsense.

    Plenty of opportunity exists for black people. Look at all the open jobs. Guess what? To them, receiving a welfare check and a free cell phone is enough work.

    Commit crimes? If you are black it’s the white mans fault if you get arrested or killed while you cause mayhem as a black person. I especially enjoy watching the MIDNIGHT MADNESS SALES – where the colored people smash the windows on a business late night and they all steal and loot the place. “REPARATIONS”. Right?

    Instead of crying victim why don’t these assholes come to the realization of what WHITE PRIVILEGE really is, which is white people getting out of bed Every day and working hard, only to have the government steal money in the form of
    Taxes and give that stolen money to losers , many of whom are people of color who are able bodied and refuse to work.

    Then the academics and commie politicians tell white people that white people suck and how we need to cater to black and brown people.

    Say what you will about Derek Cheuvin, however, George Floyd has now been drug free for over a year since Derek Cheuvin held an intervention for Mr. Floyd. Mr Floyd also has not gone on any more one man crime sprees either.

  2. It always starts with school boards, doesn’t it?

    All those hausfraus and nebishes get a taste of power and it goes to their heads.

    They really need to abolish these things. They’re pointless.

  3. Because the School board members frequently are unopposed in Town elections they they tend to forget they are Elected Board members and can become “Unelected” . Particularly after they have served 2 or three Terms. Serving on a Town Board or Committee is time consuming and thankless work, so step up and put some time in. You will be glad you did. ….. and you can speak and complain with some authority once you do. Note that the ExPat in the video said that he was a previous school committee member.

  4. Here is yet another layer to the educational bullshit.

    Colleges all over the country are starting programs around weed. Aka “Cannabis education”.

    Here is just one of a few in my home state – Massachusetts

    So critical race theory and pot are now something “educators” (I use that term loosely” are now going to try and make students pay for? Don’t forget “free”college and “forgiving” student loan debt.

    College enrollments have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years. In Addition to lower birth rates, many students today can’t afford the overinflated cost of college.

    Add to that, has anyone tried calling a tradesmen lately? You call 5 or 6 and 2 call you back and maybe one is willing to do the work. There is a lack of skilled tradesman in this country. Many are older white males who worked their asses off and paid taxes so losers (POC, young hippies) could have welfare and free college. Must be that “white privilege”.

    If there are any smart young people out there listening, take up a trade. People will always need a place to live, a roof over their head, a heating and cooling system, car repairs, etc.

    Stay the F$$$ away from these jabroni educators who have never accomplished shit in their life other than getting a tenured job at a college after earning a stupid degree, such as cannabis education

    For sure most of these “professors” will be calling the tradesmen to work on their homes. Betting most educators aren’t very skilled in the trades.

    Money talks. BULL$h1T walks.

  5. “He considers me a bastard because I’m in the government. His logic is sound”.

    Love it!

  6. Couple of these local gov’t people need to be found at 3am in the ditch along a deserted rural road diesel soaked and burning with their throats slit. Send a stern message.

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