Take That, Jews

Reading this wokist nonsense recently, I came across this fine sentiment:

PARC would also ban “culturally appropriative language,” such as the word “tribe,” which “was historically used in a dehumanizing way to equate indigenous people with savages.”

So… let’s hear it from my Jewish Readers*.  (When they’re done laughing.)

Were you triggered?  (And I don’t mean “Were you tempted to pick up a gun?”.)

*For Readers unfamiliar with the jargon, Jews traditionally refer to each other as “Tribe”.


  1. It is even fundamental than that. Tribe denotes a specific form of human arrangement (and a common one). If we don’t call them tribes, we have to come up with a different word for the same thing.

    The issue is that these people are pig ignorant and thus the only instance of the word they are familiar with regards the North American tribes, but of course it is an almost universal condition. You mentioned the Jewish tribes, but the German and Celtic tribes are other examples. Some of us can still trace our history back to those specific tribes to some degree or another.

  2. Hey Kim,

    If use of the term “tribe” makes me a dehumanized indigenous savage, what does that make the radical Muzzies ??? I wear the badge “member of the tribe” on my sleeve and wear it with pride. I’ve even invited a few Fine People to become honorary members of the tribe. Kim, you’re certainly in that crowd. To a soul, they all appreciate the invite. You see, my tribal tent is inclusive and welcoming.

    And for the record, no, I wasn’t triggered. Nope. I’d rather exercise some triggering of a different kind when I hear clap-trap like this, if’n ya know what I means …

    1. I’m Scots. A sept of Clan Gunn. Clan will be the next word deemed “culturally appropriative language”. Because of “the Klan”, of course.

      1. Please, do NOT give them ideas and PLEASE do not give them INSTRUCTIONS !
        We have more than enough insanity already.

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