There Today, Here Tomorrow

Writing from behind enemy lines, Longtime Reader MartinK sends me this message:

This will give you an idea about today’s fuel prices in Germany; translated into $/gal. for your convenience:
Diesel: $6.30/gal; Unleaded: $7.34/gal.

The Green candidate (Annalena Baerbock) for the Federal elections in September 2021 openly speaks about raising these prices by another €0.16/litre (= $0.74/gal.) if she should win the elections.
Please not to worry though because these price levels will come to the USA soon.
After all, our Green Party is nothing but a carbon copy of the US Democrat Party.
Hope I have not spoiled your weekend.

Actually, this is small potatoes compared to our Greens, who want to destroy the oil industry altogether.

And this Kraut Greenie looks pretty much as you’d expect her to look:


  1. “And this Kraut Greenie looks pretty much as you’d expect her to look:”

    Where’s the green hair? Where are all the piercings? Where are the rolls of fat? I dunno, she doesn’t look too awful to me. Even her hair appears brushed. Maybe German greens are different than US greens?

    1. Orange,
      She has 37 piercings that aren’t visible while wearing a long sleeved shirt


    2. Like a glass of water contaminated with Amoebic Dysentery or Cholera, It’s what you can’t see that’s inside that counts, or rather, kills.

    3. Isn’t Annalena Bareback a perfect porno name, though?
      Part of her program for affirming her female sexuality, that is, if she still identifies as a she.

  2. Well, she’s sporting those narrow, “squinty” glasses that mark someone as metrosexual, liberal eurotrash. She looks just as I envisioned her for someone her age. I’m sure she’s smugly sure she knows what’s best for all of us.
    May reality strike her hard.

  3. The Germans have it easy: here in the UK petrol is £1.27 a litre. That’s £5.72 or $8.12 for a UK gallon and $6.83 for a US gallon.

    Now, we pay 58p per litre in fuel duty then 20% VAT on the total.

    So VAT-free price is £1.06 and duty free price is 48p / litre or $2.57 for a US gallon. It’s a hell of an incentive to go electric. If only the range and ease of recharging were there.

  4. The European greens want to destroy not just the oil industry, but ALL industry and all agriculture.
    The German greens have already proposed a law that would outlaw “industrial agriculture”, meaning any and all agriculture that’s more effective than what you can do in your back garden without the use of fertiliser, pest and weed control, and watering your crops.

    That this would lead to near instant nationwide famine (remember they also want to ban all fossil fuel engines, thus aircraft, trucks, trains, transport ships, etc. etc.) is a probably intended side effect.

    Dutch greens are pushing hard to ban “nitrogen emissions”, which would do the same thing, plus make it illegal to use bricks, concrete, and mortar for construction. And of course cutting down trees to build out of wood will be illegal as well.

      1. Yes, They certainly do. Famine is NOT a bug in the plan, its a feature. They also believe there are far to many people on the planet as well. but they can’t actually advocate mass starvation.

        Not them of course. They will be exempt somehow because they are smarter …. or some such nonsense.

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