No Times Three

Here’s a pic of some ancient (49-year-old) model prancing barefoot through the streets of London, clutching a bottle of wine.  (One of those “candid” i.e. posed paparazzi events.)

I have to admit that she’s not too bad for an older broad — apparently she was a model, or still is (see more pics at the link).  However, that’s not what I want to talk about here, but the “barefoot in the streets of London” thing.

1)  Considering the chances of spearing or slashing one’s foot on a discarded beer bottle in the Brit capital, I wouldn’t prance barefoot through the streets of London for a bet.

2)  Given that London’s streets are cleaned about as often as are the streets of Johannesburg, the chances of catching some flesh-eating disease from said injury are higher than the average rock musician in the 1970s.

2)  Even assuming that our streets are cleaner than London’s (which they are), if one were to try doing the same thing here in Plano, there is a distinct chance of the blazing-hot surface searing one’s foot in a manner similar to this:

(pic from Knuckledragger’s place)

It makes me wince just to think of it.


  1. She’s better off walking barefoot than wearing most any shoe in history.

    Risk of injury is minimal, so is risk of catching any disease (unless you already have an injury that is).

    Of course if the ground is hot enough to cause burns or cold enough to cause frostbite, things change. But that’s extremely rare in London.

  2. I’m sitting here, just south of Plano, and it’s dark and rainy. Again.

    But I know, just as I know the sun comes up, that we are overdue for a battering this summer.

    And I can’t wait.

    Much as I loathe the furnace room temps in the summer here, it’ll warm my heart to see the blue state locusts start questioning their choices, and maybe move back. Long as I’ve been here, that’s been a trend from west coasters.

    Every few years we get walloped with months of 105 temps. And we are well overdue. In those days the heat emanating from the sidewalks and parking lots is brutal. You can put a cast iron frying pan out in the sun on the grass for an hour and cook an egg in it.

    If I thought about it, I could probably name half a dozen people I know that came here from California or Washington that pulled the bail chain first summer here.

    Gonna be epic. How do I know? the large number squawking on NextDoor, complaining during the freeze.

    1. As I told Mr. Free Market earlier this morning: if I’d wanted to see four days of continuous rain, I would have gone to Britishland.
      The only good thing about the rain is that it stops the temps from climbing into the 90s.

  3. Its interesting to listen to the TV weather guessers say “We need the rain, we need the rain, we need the rain, there’s a drought, there’s a drought…..” every day. Then we get some rain and they’re telling us about floods and how the crops are being wiped out from too much rain. They’re never happy. If the weather was just right they wouldn’t have anything to talk about or scare us with.

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