1. Just a few minutes ago I read another article about the DOJ/ATF cracking down on ghost guns and arm braces which have nothing at all to do with criminal shootings. Until they address the issue of “who” is doing all this criminal shooting no worthwhile solution will be found. Just more racist pandering at the top.

  2. & Minneapolis was set on fire again, natch.

    I would argue Trump’s refusal to bring the hammer down on the lefty rioting last year contributed to his own administration going down the shitter. Entire cities being held hostage to the mob, and he did his best Nero impersonation.

    1. Trump was in something of a cleft stick over that. Municipal unrest is a municipal issue. If the city won’t stop it then it’s up to the State. Only if the unrest becomes an interstate matter does the Federal government have a mandate to intervene (I think…feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that).

      If I’m right about that then there’s nothing Trump could’ve done short of invoking the Insurrection Act and declaring Martial Law, which would’ve played right into the Progs “Trump’s a Fascist Tyrant” BS.

      While I wouldn’t have minded him responding to that by hanging lots of DemonRats, I don’t think that *he* thought he had sufficient mandate to do that. Which just means he, or DeSantis, will have to do it next time (assuming we prevent another Steal, which is by no means guaranteed, alas).

      1. DeSantis has done a fine job putting the lie to the commies’ favored narratives; it baffled me that Trump didn’t even try. Regarding fed/state jurisdictional issues, I’m equally unsure about the letter of the law. Seems to me if local & state honchos aren’t getting it done, it’s up to the feds. I recall Oregon getting its knickers in a twist last year when feds were deployed to protect federal buildings there; JFK nationalized the Guard to put George Wallace in his place. And let’s not forget President Grant sending the troops down South to bitch slap the Klan when the locals refused to.

        Purely an aside: I’d love to see Grant replace TR on Mt. Rushmore.

  3. Nice shooting.

    The name sounds highly WASPy, except for the middle name.

    Plug in another name (Kim comes to mind) and he would sound like he was enrolled in a Country Day School somewhere.

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