Interesting, If True

Like many a denizen of a MAGA Red Trump State, I’ve been apprehensive about the hordes of Californicators, Noo Yokkers and similar refugees from their respective hellholes pouring into Texas.  It seems, however, that my fears (and that of others of my ilk) of Bluestaters turning our state purple if not Blue may be a little too pessimistic.  Here are some numbers:

The results of the 2020 census are in, and the Democrats are looking very nervous. It turns out that red states are growing and blue states are shrinking. Red States are gaining three congressional seats while blue states are losing three. In fact, California will lose a seat for the first time ever. Legislative and Electoral College power is shifting in favor of the Republicans.
But the propaganda ministry is trying to convince us that this is all good news for the crime family that calls itself the Democrats. The narrative is that liberals are moving from blue states to red states and will eventually turn them blue. But as we’ve learned, if the talking heads are talking, they’re most likely lying. So, let’s examine what they’re saying.

He looks at his (new) home state of Idaho:

Between 2013 and 2019, the percentage of voters who registered as Republican went from 32.4% to 50.8%.  Democrats added 52,300 voters to their rolls, but Republicans added a whopping 200,000 to theirs!  Idahoans are becoming more engaged in politics, and their political proclivity is clearly conservative.

His conclusion?

The reality is that conservative states are becoming more conservative, and they are gaining political clout at the same time.  The people moving about the country aren’t missionaries going forth to spread socialism, any more than those fleeing Cuba in the last century were trying to bring communism to Florida.  They’re escaping the blue states in search of the America of their youth.

To paraphrase the title of this post:  I sure damn hope it’s true, and all this isn’t wishful thinking.

From another American Thinker article, here’s what happened in Texas recently:

Back on Election Day 2020, the Democrats were convinced that it was their year.  After all, didn’t Beto O’Rourke break the ice when he got 48% against Senator Cruz?  On the Friday before the election, a poll had Biden up and Senator John Cornyn in a tie.  As you know, President Trump carried Texas, and Senator Cornyn had a landslide re-election.  Wonder if anyone asked for a refund from that pollster?
It was going to be their year until they counted the votes.  Then suddenly it was good old Red Texas all over again.  The Democrats went 0-10 in congressional districts despite putting lots of resources and TV ads into tying every candidate to President Trump.  In the end, the TV ads tying Democrats to “defund the police” turned out to be more persuasive.


First, the Democrats are finding out that a growing Hispanic population does not necessarily mean more Democrats elected.  President Trump did well in South Texas in large part because Hispanics like a strong economy and do not believe that the border should be open.  After all, most of those Hispanics were born here or respected the law to come in.  They don’t understand why other people cannot do the same thing.
Second, the Democrats have a San Francisco message that does not play well in Texas.  From “abortion on demand” to gun control, the Democrat message is not turning on voters.  The abortion issue (the new heartbeat law) will be a problem for Democrats with Hispanic women.  As a Hispanic lady said to me: “How can you abort a heart beating?”  My guess is that most Hispanic women agree with that.
So what do you do when your voters don’t turn out or your jingle doesn’t get clicks?  You blame the other side for “suppressing” the vote.

I’m not so sure that the Socialists are going to do that well with their precious Black voters, either.  At least, if this guy is at all representative.  (Loud, epic video)

And if you don’t break out in giggles like a ticklish schoolgirl, I don’t wanna talk to you no more.


  1. What the DNC doesn’t understand are 2 things.

    #1. Machismo is a real thing among a large portion of Hispanic males. They are patriarchs of their families; and…

    #2. A fair portion of the Hispanic population are pretty devout Roman Catholics. Abortion for reasons other than rape or to save the mother is not looked at favorably.

  2. There ought to be a law that a person may only vote in the State he was born in.

  3. As a lifelong resident in one of the refugee states, I’m not sure its worth it. Unless it encourages CA & NYFC to secede.

  4. There are a few ‘locusts’ from California in my DFW neighborhood. They were the first to post Biden signs, and whatever libtard is running. At least I know who not to vote for. They were the types that had those idiotic ‘no matter who you are you’re our neighbor’ in English, Spanish, and Arabic. As if the lawn care people read Spanish, and as if the uber eats guy reads Arabic. Because other than a handful of Blacks and Asians, there are nothing but palefaces here.

    They replaced those signs with BLM signs. Even the Black neighbors I know think they are retarded, knowing full well that if a handful of soul brothers from the apartments one neighborhood over walked down the street, these hypocrites would be on the blower to 5-0 in a heartbeat. The local pool was going insolvent, so they were planning on putting apartments there. These types were the first to beat the war drums, and beat them the loudest to repel the threat.

    The ‘hispanics’ I know here are nearly all Mexican. Actually Tejano, they’ve been in Texas for generations. And they are about making money. They don’t care for these other types coming over the border. And they sure don’t like these pasty face democrats telling them their business. My business partner is like this.

    Not being plugged into things as much as I am, ‘pride’ month seems to have taken him by surprise.

    Let’s just say the vast majority of our ‘hispanic’ friends are not fans. And I’m putting it lightly.

  5. We are seeing the Kalifornia, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey license plates occupying a large percentage of driveways on home sales over the past year and a half. My question is why do these people maintain their out of state vehicle registration when they are obviously living in Georgia?

    1. “….why do these people maintain their out of state vehicle registration…”
      Around here it’s to dodge the Virginia requirements to have a state safety inspection and sticker, meet the state requirements for insurance and most of all, to pay personal property taxes on the vehicle. I think come heres have just thirty days to apply for Virginia tags after they move in. The State Police love to give tickets for that avoidance.

  6. Wasn’t there a poll following the Cruz v. “Beto” race that reported that recent arrivals voted more Pro-Cruz than did “native” Texans, thus making something of a lie of the conventional wisdom?

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