I have often said that a .22 rifle is not a firearm, but a household appliance and should be treated as such (e.g. Aisle 6 at Walmart, no 4473 no nothing except maybe proof of age over 16).

However, the “guns as household items” concept can always be stretched, as this man proves:

As I said to Combat Controller (who sent me the pic), at least it’s just a Norinco SKS, so no harm done.  Had he done it to a Garand or similar, he might well have received a few visitors — and not prospective buyers, either.

Funny as hell, though.  Almost as funny as this video…


  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! What a great video! The advertiser & the company that came up with the ad have a fine sense of humor.
    As for the lamp… terrible paint job, and the trigger should be the on/off switch.

    1. The trigger might be a good idea, because you want to make it all look as innocuous as possible. The Purloined Letter, in a manner of speaking.

  2. That gun is the answer to the gun grabbers.
    When they come a-grabbing you can just say that “no, that’s no gun, that’s a floor lamp”. Sure, it used to be a gun but now it self-identifies as a piece of novelty furniture.

  3. Mandatory prison for election fakers:
    * in a Turk jail
    * in a Venezuela jail
    And the family of the condemned supply the food/water/clothes.
    No family?
    Tough it out, you naked skinny thirsty convict.
    How many would choose the quick noose instead of the slow agony?

  4. Given the incompetence and trigger-happiness of American police I’d be very wary of having furniture like that.

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