Radio Silence

Damn, damn and damn.  I was at our apartment and everything looks fine for a move back later today… except that the wifi isn’t working yet, ergo  no Internet ergo  no posts for a while.

I have a couple up for tomorrow (I’m writing this from the hotel), but that’s it.  Unless I can get the thing up and running by tomorrow, there may be nothing posted over the weekend.

Bear with me, folks;  this is like resettling in a new city, FFS.


  1. Kids told me they use iPhone to set up hotspot. Then the phone passes stream along on cellular link. Worth a shot…

  2. Sounds to me like the universe is playing you, bro. The restored apartment is a carrot you’ll eventually get tired of chasing. You’ll eventually wind up like Arafat: never the same place on different nights.

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