Went back among my old posts to look something up, and ended up here, where I spoke about Giovanni Boldini.

Well, so much for that search.  I ended up wandering along the highways, byways, trains of thought and their branch lines that is Teh Intarwebz.

So:  some more Boldini pics — just not the commissioned portraits this time.  I do love how he paints women’s faces, though:

But it’s when he gets naughty that I like him the most:

And then there was this one, which caused quite a scandal in its time:

Not yer typical society portrait, is it?

…and even some of those weren’t quite the typical Victoriana, like this one of Madame de Nemidoff:

or of Madame Pages:



  1. Beauty and class that doesn’t look like an anatomy lesson. What a concept! Sexiness is what’s hinted at, not in what’s on open display during Fleet Week.

  2. Vera de Nimidoff (1879-1963) was certainly done a favor by Boldini’s portrait of her (1908).
    See a photo here:
    and several here:

    I imagine all his lady subjects loved him for that. His works are grand portraits by a good hand and eye, not the throw-a-bucket-of-paint-on-a-wall scams exalted by too many pseudo intellectuals trying to be a hit with the white wine and brie set.

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