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Ooooo Insty’s being snarky, Insty is:

” Maybe responding to hysterical people is a bad basis for policy.”

He’s talking about flooding the schools with cops because of all the perceived dangers of school shootings, then pulling cops from schools altogether because cops are racist tools of Teh Patriarchy or some such bollocks.

Of course, the hair-on-fire shrieking Socialists (or Gummint bureaucrats, some overlap) are never going to let a good crisis go to waste, so if there’s no crisis they have to create one.  Evil bastards.


  1. When I was in 6th grade, in 1966, if any person illegally brought a gun into the school the principal, asst principal, and number of male teachers, etc., would have dealt with it on the spot. But then, back then parents were parents and not “friends” to their kids so the notion that a kid would bring a gun to school was never even in the range of imagination. The kids dad or mother would have broke his neck at the breakfast table and the media would not have had a story to “opinionize” over the next 2 weeks.

    1. In 1966 you still had a cadre of teachers that had served in either WW2 and/or Korea, and the HR mentality was still a few years away. That was a better time.

      1. I guess I lucked out. My cadre of teachers during the late 50’s served not only in WW2, and Korea, but also WW1, and out of a total staff of 101, there were only 8 women, including 2 librarians and 2 secretaries.
        Those tough, learned men didn’t take any crap off us 2,800 boys. There were no discipline problems.

  2. I live in the same community and neighborhood as Insty.

    The threat to remove Knoxville Police Department officers is nothing more than a gesture at a time in which the threat means nothing (i.e. right before summer vacation begins).

    There have been 5 students at a local black high school shot and killed this year, with the last one being actually a former student whose girlfriend’s mother called the KPD to complain that the perp (now, mercifully, deceased) had been beating on her.

    The school resource officer and 3 cops cornered the 18 or 19 year old perp in the bathroom and he produced a handgun, thereby causing one of the officers to shoot twice in his direction.

    I believe that the perp/decedent also squeezed off a round in the melee.

    The school resource officer was hit (by what was likely a ricochet). He was treated and released.

    While the County DA was investigating the matter, both the frizzy-headed liberal female mayor and the frizzy-headed recently appointed female Police Chief began clamoring with the “black community” demanding that the DA “release the body cam”. So, while the DA was doing her job (she’s a pretty good one), she was fending off the antics of the Mayor and Police Chief lady, who were impeding her efforts.

    The wounded school resource officer is white and 2 of the 3 cops who went into the bathroom were black.

    The name and race of the officer who capped the thug have not been released.

    BLM didn’t give a damn about the first 4 fatal shootings of black students (I did, incidentally), just the one in which there may be a white cop involved. The first 4 shootings are generally understood to be black on black crimes. The police have made 1 or 2 arrests, which isn’t bad among a culture which won’t cooperate with the police.

    Never mind that a former student who had been beating on his girlfriend was back on the school premises with a gun.

    The good news is that most of our community doesn’t give a damn about any of this bullshit.

    We’re 90% Caucasian and don’t take kindly to a bunch of silliness by BLM.

    What the KPD Chief fails to mention is the fact that there are still many school resource officers (at least one for every school) and countless Knox County Sheriff’s Deputies in the schools.

    So her threat is a meaningless gesture designed to ingratiate her with the mob-mentality types.

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