News Roundup

News that elicits a chuckle or two, and it should.

as if we needed yet another reason not to buy anything Disney.

’nuff said, although the same request from Mark Zuckerberg would have been even better.

and also in the interests of “diversity”, future England teams will include two preteens and two women, with predictable results when they lose every single game.

someone explain to me why anyone should listen to anything these ignorant, pampered woke-tossers say.

Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face was unavailable for comment.

not from where I’m standing;  most people seem to be not wearing them anymore.  Except for the usual morons, e.g.:


And speaking of plague-ridden pox-holes:

just add Black Fungus to the endless list of Things That Could Kill You In India.

Now for some good news, for a change:

what he said, times 49.

Let’s do some fun stuff:

link contains no actual nudity;  don’t bother.

given that this happened in NYFC, I’m amazed that it’s considered “unacceptable”Also, it being NYFC, I’m amazed that anyone actually complained.

so her boyfriend  beats her up and stubs cigarettes out on her geriatric body, and all of a sudden it’s aliens.



Here’s Teri Hatcher, back when she was interesting:

Now go off and do some Superman-type stuff.

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  1. I was hoping that black fungus was something that only hit lungs and was much more likely in those wearing masks….

    I’ve been saying for a year now that if I were omnipotent the first (or only!) thing I’d do is create a nasty lung fungus which would only affect those who demand that others wear masks to make them feel safe. And it will make it hard to breathe, and be potentially infectious so they really do have to wear masks around others for the six months or so it takes to get over the damn thing. I don’t want it to kill them, because that would be a) mean and b) too easy on them. Just takes months of nasty medication and difficulty breathing to get over.

    Found a kindred spirit in BJs today and as we were chatting some old dude (well, older than me) walked by and karened that we needed to put our masks on. I said, “No, medical”. He said, well he has COPD and still wears one. He didn’t seem very happy that all I replied was “Good for you.”

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