1. Nice to see another ‘group’ at least saying ‘there was something wrong with the last election’, in so many words.
    Really, Captain Obvious.
    Why would you think that ?
    Simply because the ‘winning candidate’ spent essentially the entire campaign holed up / hiding in his basement because he couldn’t put a sentence together and when he did come out to play couldn’t fill a phone boot with attendees. This against a man who had difficulty finding venues big enough to hold all of the people who wanted to see and hear him, many of whom sometimes waited in line in during inclement weather just to see and hear him or even, because of no room, stayed outside during the rally just to hear him ?
    Or poll workers covering up windows so no one , not even examiners, could see or come inside to insure there was no ‘questionable activities’.
    How about stopping the vote count for HOURS. Everybody OK with that little stunt ?
    No explanation(s) from ANYONE.
    Couldn’t have possibly been so the ballot counts &/or machines could be, um, ‘adjusted’, or that MORE boxes of pre-printed ballots could be opened and ‘counted’ or …………………
    On and on.
    This election, IMHO, was stolen and there hasn’t been a damn thing done about it. I don’t think anything WILL be done about it to anyone at anytime, anyplace, ever !
    Tell me again how this will all be dealt with in 2022 and we’ll win back Congress.
    Yeah, right, sure sure.
    If the Democrats get their way and there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to think they won’t, by 2022 there will be another 30 million OR MORE, SOLID Democrat-voters-for-life negating the necessity of a replay of 2020.
    Again, IT’S OVER, all of it, from now on. The Democrats will NEVER give up the power they now have and will do ANYTHING, legal or not, to maintain their grip.

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