Pushing Back

Yesterday, I expressed my consternation at this little event — which took place not a mile from where I am right now, and where I drive through all the time:

In the incident, which occurred last week, BLM marchers illegally blocked a public street, trapping motorists. Such situations have happened across the nation over the past year, often resulting in violence. In the Plano video, one man emerges from his car and yells at the BLM protesters to clear the street. They not only do not clear the street, one of them also brandishes a weapon of some sort at the man. A Plano police officer looks on, does nothing to clear the street, and instead seems to side against the motorist — who is legally in the right.

Looks as though the Plano Police Chief has landed himself in the doodoo with TXAG Paxton: After reviewing the incident, our First Lawyer had this to say:

Reckon it’s time someone got fired — and I’m not talking about Paxton.

Frankly, I don’t care if you think you have to “negotiate with these people” when in fact they are breaking the fucking law.  If I’d parked my car across the intersection and refused to move it, how long do you think it would have taken for the Plano PD to have me in cuffs?  Or, if there were four of us White boys blocking the road with our cars protesting (say) the stolen election of 2020, the fuzz would have descended on us like Genghis Khan, only with better weaponry.  And if one of us had pointed something that looked like a gun — I don’t care whether it was a pepper gun, taser or toy pistol — the cops would have shot his ass dead.

And all of Plano would probably have applauded.

Let me get this straight.  While Plano is more conservative than Dallas, it’s not as conservative as the rest of Texas (thanks to the huge influx of New Yorkers, Californians, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis into the area as we’ve become some kind of Mecca [sic]  for the Big Business flight away from, duh, California and the Northeast).  We have a Black mayor, a Black police chief, several Blacks, Chinese and Indians on the city council and school district board, and all the rest of the stuff that has allowed the hallowed “diversity” to flourish, only without any fanfare or box-ticking.

Nevertheless, Plano is still reliably conservative, and up until now, the Police Department has been too, with a strong law-and-order attitude which we citizens of Plano have supported to the hilt.

And now?  A police chief who bleats about “having to negotiate” with violent criminals?  I don’t care if the police are “caught in the middle”;  that’s their fucking job.  They are supposed to be the “thin blue line” between law-abiding citizens and criminal bandits.

Like I said, someone needs to be fired, or else the shit is really going to hit the fan.  Next time, the guy who jumps out of his car and, all by himself, shouts at protesters to clear the street, may well be carrying a handgun, or more.  (There’s a very good reason that our local gun store shelves are empty of both guns and ammunition.)  And if the cop on the scene — or his boss — aligns himself with the criminals, don’t be surprised if he’s treated like one of them, because it’s no less than he deserves.

And if the city cops are unable or unwilling to do their job, Paxton has only to unleash the state police and, gawd help us, the Texas Rangers.  We’re cool with that, I think.

This bullshit has to stop, nipped in the bud right now.  Let’s hope that Paxton gets it done, or there’s going to be a serious shit show.  Plano is not fucking Los Angeles or Chicago or New York;  we’re not even fucking Austin.  And without serious action, the powers that be are going to find that out, big time.


  1. The negro police chief needs to be brought up on charges, and fired for not fulfilling his job requirements. Further, when groups of people descend onto a public thoroughfare and block access the people hired to deal with such things MUST eliminate the blockage using whatever method it requires. Again, if they do not, they must be fired and brought up on charges. Otherwise, the citizens will do it.

    1. Somehow I doubt that the Negro mayor will fire the Negro police chief for protecting Negro lawlessness.

  2. The reason we have events like this is not BLM or Antifa. It is complicit local authorities. If you can’t change that get out to somewhere safe.

      1. That the trouble with running to someplace safe….eventually you run out of safe places to run.

    1. Denton’s worse. It’s a college town infested with Greens — UNT’s various (and underperforming) sports teams are known as the Green Machine, Big Green, etc. and the college administration is as woke as UCLA’s.

      No, fuck it — I’m not moving until they throw me out.

      1. I moved from Plano to Richardson a few years ago because Plano was suffering what happened to Northern Va in the 1990s. It doesn’t have a happy ending. Way too much high density housing.

        I was passing through there and stopped at the Kroger where I used to shop.

        I feel like I was transported to Capitol Heights MD.

        1. Old joke:
          Question: “What is the longest bridge in Virginia?
          Ans: “14th St. Bridge. It goes from Arlington to Africa.”
          Problem is the bridge goes both ways.

  3. One of my shooting buddies was a Texas State Trooper (Highway Patrol) in the late 1960’s and 1970’s in South Texas, Corpus area. He is a real tall guy who played a bit of football for Texas A&M, special teams and a lot of baseball as an Aggie. He told me about getting called into Austin to help with crowd control and he said the best part of the whole thing, the most fun, was heading up the highways with all the other police cars going over 100 mph with lights and sirens, lots of cops forming into a convoy.

    I asked what happened after they got into Austin and he said they would just put on their gear, push and shove a bit, try to stay out of the news and not get hurt by a bunch of stinking, protesting, commie, hippies.

  4. Good. I’m guessing Paxton being on his ass will be the least of the good Chief’s problems. It’s been a day or so and I’ll bet letters and calls are flying in. Like you said, this ain’t Portland.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised by an increased DPS presence on the highways around here.

    I’m still mystified as to why they were all the way up there protesting a brother that died in Plano PD’s jail.

    1. As I pointed out in the comments of Kim’s first piece, I sent an e-mail to the Plano City Council on this. No response so far.

  5. WTF happened to Greg Abbot? Started out as a stud; morphed into a rhino. There’s a rumor that Allen West wants his job. I’d prefer President West, myself.

  6. You heard it here first –
    Plano / Richardson will be the next ‘Austin suburb’ of Dallas.
    The influx of residents from the socialist paradises of Ca., N.Y., Ill. and other countries
    are the reason . Call me whatever you want, racist, bigot, ‘whatever-phobe’, I no longer care.
    The influx of people with, in some cases, extremely different ideas, beliefs, cultures
    and DEMANDS are what is changing the area. The cost of living in that area, the availability
    of a wide variety of services, compared to some other areas of the country make it
    irresistible. That, along with the high density housing means a LOT of variables in a
    relatively small area.
    The ‘imports’ are going to change it to what THEY want.
    As this incident proves, it’s already starting and ANYTHING you say against it gets you labeled
    as a bigot, racist ( the favorite ! ) ‘something-phobe’ etc.

    1. I don’t think so. The big difference between N. Dallas and Austin is money. This is a monied area. And these people won’t tolerate this silliness. This was a freebie. Next one won’t be because TPTB here want to keep their phoneybaloney jobs. Like I said earlier – the AG weighed in pretty fast, and I’ll bet my friends have been blistering Plano PD. This is an election year for locals and they know where their bread is buttered.

      This is some really funny analysis https://youtu.be/Eb8XeZRFKtA
      It had nearly 300K views in a day, and he urged his viewers to call, posting the Plano PD Contact info.

      There are a lot of locusts (transplants) but many I met have repented their ways and will do what’s needed not to have their nest shat in. Add into that the Asian and Hispanic population that don’t play that game.

      The demographics here don’t favor the cause. Very minority black, decent mix of Asian, Indian, and Hispanic, but still mostly white and conservative.

      But if I’m wrong, hang on to your hats. Because it’ll be weapons free, no bag limit.

  7. Watching this closely over here is Arlington. I figured you would have something to say. Much appreciate your manning the OP. We live in a cul-de-sac off the bottom of a dead end street. One way in and out. Narrow fields of fire.

    As mentioned here and elsewhere, the enemy has done their homework. They know where TPTB are friendly towards them. They grow ever bolder. They will poke the wrong bear, and soon.

  8. What all of the socialists, anarchists, thugs and other scum (some redundancy) don’t understand is that the “Thin Blue Line” is there to protect them from the citizenry as much, if not more, than the other way around.

    “You don’t understand. I’m not trapped in here with you. You’re trapped in here with me”.

    1. Just finished a Callie Penrose book where she said the EXACT same thing. Was that from Halo Breaker?

  9. Yes I expect the cops to do their job. Arrest in mass for those protesters blocking the roads.

    If someone brandishes a weapon at me they are the ones who started the gunfight.

    1. This – arrest them all and make the charges stick. That is how law enforcement works and order is maintained.

  10. “Do you expect us to mass arrests these protesters?”

    Yes, that’s exactly what we expect you to do.

  11. Why would the police grant special privilege to the same folks that would celebrate the murder of police officers?

  12. If this “Chief” is not shown the door by the upper-management of Plano, that upper-management is endangering itself. The people of Plano need to make their feelings on this situation firm and clear to that Management, in no uncertain terms.

    1. I get the feeling that the Chief and mayor and city council are of a tribe and nothing will be done. What needs doing is a complete purge of the Plano city council in the next election. Never underestimate the power of a pissed off white electorate (see 2010). Get that done and the Chief and the Mayor will be out on their ears.

      1. Too bad we just had local elections… now we have to suffer the fools until the next one. The mayor, btw, is gone, term-limited out of office. We’ll see what the new guy does.

  13. A true and funny story about the whole North of Dallas including Plano area is that as each housing addition was developed and sold there would come a time on the first day of September in the early morning that the police would get calls about gunfire in the adjacent fields to the development and the newcomers knew for sure they were being invaded by evil forces. Then the cops would have to explain that Open Day of Dove Season is a High Holy Day in Texas and that’s what folks did outside of the city limits. Now that whole area has grown way on out but I in years past I used to shoot and get my limit up North of Dallas. Now for the last 20 years I have been going to Abilene and I can recommend that area of Texas.

  14. I believe that this ” protest ” was actually a ” test “, and since the local PD showed weakness ( a least ) more will follow.

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