1. That’s awesome. It’s much more easy to sue a private firm than sue the government.

    And when the lawsuits do fly, you can bet that the government officials won’t exactly be lining up with them shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. No, they’ll toss them away like yesterday’s newspaper.

  2. Where have you people been ??
    It’s already happened / happening to the 1st Amendment – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.
    mean anything to you ? They’re doing it DAILY, and with all due respects to Ravenwood,
    I haven’t seen any consequences, legal or otherwise, because of their actions or the actions
    of others.
    I know of no formal contracts now in place between said entities and the federal gov’t
    but the actions are sure taking place ! Adding a contract would be a simple formality !
    This ‘approach’ could be used on several Constitutional Amendments. Used today, successfully
    and I would suspect with same reaction we are seeing today regarding what is already
    going on – NOTHING !
    I keep saying it and keep getting laughed at but folks, IT’S OVER ! Find a hole, a deep one, or dig one, climb in and hold on ’cause you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet !
    Without some unforeseen DRASTIC change(s), we got ALMOST 4 MORE YEARS of this insanity with someone, at the helm, we’re told, who has been ‘in government’ for almost 50 YEARS and who is NOW going to fix the government. I still have that bridge to sell if anyone’s interested !
    Hint – 9 TRILLION dollars – that’s nine THOUSAND BILLION with a B, printed since last September or thereabouts and no end in sight. Nine TRILLION in ‘made out of thin air’ value representing nothing, no increase in GDP, nothing. Every dollar printed dilutes and lessens the value of the ones you already have in your pocket right now. Read a bit about Germany in the 1930’s or more recently Mugabe and Zimbabwe and look at the pictures of people with arm loads of currency just to buy some food.
    Hang on ’cause it’s gonna get rough, REAL rough unless something changes.

  3. Guess someone on the team controlling Biden read your book.
    It’s a good one, read it several times over the years.

  4. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV, so my reading of the 4th Amendment ignores precedent, legislation, and case law; I focus on what it actually SAYS. Yeah, hopelessly naive. I read it to say we shall be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures. It doesn’t address who is doing the searching and seizing.

    When Ted Cruz was AG of Texas he had a nice run before the Supremes arguing things kinda sorta like my reading above. Does Texas or any other state have a similarly creative and ambitious AG? Is there any reason a senator cannot argue a case before the Supreme Court? Getting Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. out of our private lives would be a way to win a future election by a landslide and, not least, do a world of good.

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