Splish Splash

I’ve seen a few funny things in my life, but very few as funny as this.  Setup:  a citizen is gassing up at the fuel pump, whereupon three choirboys swoop in for purposes of larceny.  Now go and watch what happens next.  (Try not to giggle like a schoolgirl, as I did.)

The only thing that would have made the whole episode better would have been Our Hero’s judicious application of a match.

Then I could have called it a Righteous Burning.


  1. Down at the bottom of that article was this, can you imagine?

    A MAN in his 40s has been pushed to the ground and raped near a nature reserve in Yorkshire, he has claimed.

    Cleveland cops say the alleged sex attack took place at 7.30pm on Thursday near the Maze Nature Reserve, close to Middlesbrough.

    The incident is said to have occurred on what is known as the “black path” between Tees Barrage and Newport Bridge.

    The victim told police he was approached by another man while walking along the path who then attacked him, reports TeessideLive.

    The attacker has been described as as as black, aged in his late 30s, around 5ft 10” tall, of stocky build with short, black hair and a prominent gap between his front upper teeth.

    Cops say he was clean shaven and spoke English but was not fluent and was wearing dark clothing.

  2. Agreed, a match would have made it even better. I just hope this did indeed happen in Chile and not in Europe. With the prices of “petrol” there, the guy would have been ahead financially to just hand them his phone, watch and wallet.

  3. gigglesnort…

    Loved how he kept pumping the petrol (or whatevah they call gas in Chile) into the open slider of the van.

    The only way it could have been better if he had lit his Zippo Lighter and thrown it inside. (Likely the open Zippo would have stayed lit. Handy things to have, even if you don’t smoke. Now, where did I put mine…)

    We really need that clip set to Yackety-Axe.

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