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Reader Mike S. sends me this article:

Even Texas Has Communists
May Day is commie day. A bunch of them gathered in a downtown park in the rain in Austin, Texas.
Not a lot of them, but more than there should be. They got very wet. Some of them tried to take over a public street and got arrested.

…with the question:  “I thought ya’ll had an open season on varmints?”

Simple answer:  Austin isn’t part of Texas.  Once you understand that, everything falls into place.  There’s a reason that it’s called “Moscow-On-The-Colorado-River” or more simply, “Moscow” by actual Texans.


  1. As I was visiting Austin one time a few years ago, and enjoying the music and the crowds, something outrageous happened (I don’t even remember what it was.)

    one of the guys I was hanging out with, who lived in Austin, said “Austin, you gotta love it. It’s only 15 minutes from Texas.”

  2. The way I explain it to the folks in the old country (the east coast) is that is where we keep our hippies, which are now commies. At some level, it’s fun to visit.

    But you don’t have to step a toe far out of the city limits to find a very, very different culture.

  3. Relax, Kim…Austin is a museum of bad decisions and ideas.

    And as far as commies, well…..Texans should plan on a nice game of Cowboys and commies, maybe for the Independence Day holiday.

  4. Please don’t associate anything, Colorado, with Austin. We are already messed up here beyond recognition.

  5. To quote one of my t-shirts: “Keep Austin, Weirdos”

    Yes, I get mixed reactions as I wander about Austin’s northern suburbs, which is always good for a chuckle.

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