Monday Funnies

What day is it?  I declare this Monday to known as “All About Women Day”.  But as befits Monday, it’s not going to be about ones we love, right Hillary?

I know, I know:
Wait a second…

So let’s continue:

And a warning that things are not always what they seem:

But to make up for that Hillary pic, and before someone does something drastic, here are a few of those “bra-less” pics that didn’t make the cut last week:

Have a nice week, y’all.

One comment

  1. That gal in 1/3 of a blue top has titty issues.
    Daddy. I meant daddy issues.

    Speaking of which, how did the top 2 blondes and the bottom redhead not make the original cut? Poked my eyes out but what a glorious final image for the retinas (retinae?)!

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